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A successful company has a global vision divided into specific objectives. These objectives, which must be achieved gradually, require a competitive, committed team that shares the company’s ideology. It seems necessary to make good hires in order to get the best talent. This is where headhunters get the essence of their existence. Responsible for recruiting highly qualified personnel, their experience and values are the foundation of their success.

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Invest in great people for your company

Within any company, each individual, and the position they hold, is important and represents a major lever for the company’s growth. The final candidate you decide to hire must therefore present the profile that best matches the requirements of the position. How to find the best of all? Choosing the direct recruitment approach is a very advantageous solution for companies. Still called “headhunting”, direct recruitment consists of identifying and then tracking profiles with the highest potential for a given position. These most suitable candidates are then identified and selected on the basis of their skills, competencies and personality, which correspond to the demand of the position and the research company.







Chasseurs de têtes spécialisés dans l’investissement







In search of a qualified human resource for investment

There are two methods of recruitment: the traditional approach and the direct approach. When we talk about the traditional approach, it was referred to as recruitment after a candidate had himself responded to a call for tenders. The direct approach is the proactive method of identifying potential candidates and then contacting them to make them aware of a professional opportunity. These candidates are then identified according to their skills, experience and personal values. This tactic represents a certain cost, that of outsourcing the recruitment process, since it is the method specific to headhunting firms. However, these costs are justified by the many benefits that the direct approach brings. First, the results obtained are very often more satisfactory than using the traditional approach, especially when it comes to searching for complex and strategic profiles. Also, the direct approach allows for confidential recruitment. This is why a handful of successful companies prefer to hire talented and agile headhunters to recruit their employees. In their rank, Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment firm specialising in a specific field: investment professions.


Vauban Executive Search: a gold researcher in Paris

Vauban Executive Search is a professional headhunting firm based in the 8th and 16th arrondissements of Paris. Leader and reference in recruitment consulting for top and middle management in the investment industry, Vauban Executive Search has a remarkably extensive network of contacts. It also has a team of specialists who are committed to finding the best candidate at the end of the process. At each recruitment mission, these direct approach specialists skillfully coordinate the group’s activities. Their deep commitment to the respect of certain fundamental values leads to positive results.

The values promoted at Vauban Executive Search


Exceptional results are hardly achieved in anarchy. This is one of the reasons why Vauban Executive Search invests in certain virtues. Thus, in their daily relationships, these headhunters gradually build their success around values such as high standards, sobriety, interactivity, sincerity, tradition and modernity.

Our recruitment process

At Vauban Executive Search, all recruitment of senior and experienced executives is structured around several suitably defined stages:
context analysis;

  • definition of the position and profile of the candidate;
  • search for potential candidates;
  • choice of candidates ;
  • taking professional references from the finalists;
  • negotiations and follow-up of the selected candidate.

From the start of the process to its completion, Vauban Executive Search remains attentive to the requirements of the requesting company and at the disposal of the candidates. It thus provides them with expert assistance for impeccable quality monitoring.

Our fields of intervention

Vauban Executive Search is active in many sectors. The latter, despite their plurality, belong to the great investment family. As a result, Vauban Executive Search represents a headhunter specialized in the search for senior and experienced executives, investment professionals. His practices are as follows:

  • private banking;
  • wholesale brokers ;
  • private equity players;
  • M & A and financing advice;
  • asset management/asset management;
  • manager of independent assets;
  • corporate and investment banks;
  • administrative and financial management of the participations.
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