Recruitment specialists for the fund of funds sector

Vauban Executive Search is one of the most powerful consulting firms providing direct recruitment services to senior executives, company managers and senior executives. And one of its specialities in terms of calls for applications is recruitment in the fund of funds sector, which we will discuss throughout this article.

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Definition of a fund of funds

A fund of funds is simply a portfolio that is made up of segregated funds, also known as underlying funds.


Fund of funds: cause and target

Fund of funds is an easy approach to accessing all areas of private equity in a variety of ways. As a result, an investor will be able to indirectly participate in the financing of several hundred companies through its multiplication process. Better still, fund of funds can also give a private individual the opportunity to have access to very sophisticated funds that are specially designed for a discerning clientele because of the amount of units. Moreover, they require purely professional management that a private individual cannot do like monitoring hundreds of UCITS. In addition, they have a perfect up-to-date knowledge of trends and the various opportunities available or to come on the financial market thanks to the regularity of the contact they have established with the latter.




Des spécialistes du recrutement dans le secteur du fonds de fonds




Vauban Executive Search, a team of specialists at your service

Thanks to its experience and its ability to meet the expectations of its clients, Vauban Exécutive Search is a recruitment consultancy firm that provides a direct approach to the profiles of senior and experienced executives. He has proven expertise in the field. His reputation and brand image, which he has acquired through his skill through his years of experience, particularly in fund-of-fund recruitment, have made him a reference in this field.


A guaranteed policy for the recruitment of funds of funds

Composed of a group of specialists with an irreproachable line of conduct and a sovereign approach in the procedures of call for applications, Vauban Exécutive Search is undoubtedly the recruitment consulting firm that can give you complete satisfaction. In addition, it is highly confidential with regard to the information obtained during the recruitment process. With its wide network of specialists and experts in all disciplines, Vauban Executive Search is an essential support that can help you find the right candidate for all your fund-of-fund recruitment projects.


An effective and efficient working method

In order to respond favourably to the wishes and requests of its clients, Vauban Executive Search uses a very practical and productive working method in its fund of funds recruitment procedure, which involves meticulous steps.


An infallible recruitment process

The different steps for the calls for applications to Vauban Executive Search are as follows:

Vauban Executive Search ensures the success of the recruitment process for the fund of funds sector until the candidate is enrolled in his or her new position.

In short, you know what to do in case you need the services of a recruitment specialist in the fund of funds sector. Therefore, make Vauban Executive Search your only priority in order to meet your requirements.