Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Asset Management Companies: Vauban Executive Search, the executive agency recruitment agency

Vauban Executive Search is a leader in the recruitment of Vauban Executive Search and Building Management staff, and supports you every step of the way. Vauban Executive Search is the reference for recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search selects the best profiles for companies. For all types of positions to be staffed in all sectors: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing through human resources, marketing as well as communication, finance, our executive search cabinet puts at your disposal service his mastery.

For an asset management company or fund, the ideal would be to use a recruitment agency to find future employees. Vauban Executive Search is the agency recommended by the heads of companies working in the field of real estate.

Why do you have to trust Vauban Executive Search?

Having arrived on the recruitment market for a few years, we specialize in finding senior executives or high-level experts who can bring their expertise to asset management companies or funds.

Recognized for our professionalism, we use all the human and material resources we have, to ensure the success of our mission. We are also distinguished by our discretion and our commitment to the respect of ethics that guides our profession.

For our services to be successful, we rely on a team recognized as an expert and reference in its market. This team of recruiters or headhunters has a strong sense of persuasion to convince the potential candidate to come to work in your company. In any case, we rely on dialogue to match the needs of our clients with the candidates.

Vauban Executive Search, the executive recruitment agency of asset management company

Thanks to our own approach, we are committed to finding the right profile for you. Above all, we try to know the environment in which your business evolves. Once this step is completed, we will be able to understand the expectations and challenges of the position and to “brush” with more precision the profile of the ideal candidate. This will allow us subsequently to identify the candidates who may be recruited for the post in question. Our team will then contact them.

We also have an up-to-date database of experts in the field of real estate and construction. The consultation of this database gives us instantly all the information on the course of a candidate. To find your future executive, we only need to sort the candidates whose CV corresponds best to the one you need.

Offering a quality service, we take care of all stages of recruitment. This means that you only intervene in the process when defining the candidate’s profile and during the interviews. The management of the recruitment being entirely entrusted to our agency, you will be able to focus entirely in your activities.

We remain at your side throughout the negotiations of the employment contract and during the taking of office. As a consultant, we can accompany your future manager when he has to complete the formalities of leaving the position he holds.

If you need more information on our activities, mainly in executive recruitment for asset management companies , you can contact us by filling out the dedicated form on our website.