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CFO recruitment agency for construction

Bred to the requirements of recruiting executives of real estate management and construction, Vauban Executive Search guarantees you an accompaniment to the height of your requirements. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for executives in the real estate and construction sector. This specialized head hunter finds experienced collaborators. If you are looking for valuable employees to lead your teams, in various trades: technical, human resources, operations, marketing, communication, finance, audit, call our headhunter cabinet.

Entrusting the recruitment of the CFO of your construction company to a specialized firm will allow you to be sure to put the right person in this position. Vauban Executive Search is an agency that provides the services of effective and experienced recruiting consultants and headhunters to real estate, construction and construction companies.

Recruitment of CFO for construction, a delicate task

The recruitment of a CFO for a construction company is an operation that must absolutely not be carried out quickly without the risk of ending up with a person incompetent to this position. In fact, a CFO or Administrative and Financial Director must have both strong skills in the field of management, accounting and finance applicable to the building and public works sector. Given the challenges of its responsibilities and its missions, it is essential to make the right choice.

Of course, it is possible for managers and the works council to choose one of them to assume this position in the case where the latter has the required profile to do so. However, if the internal recruitment does not give satisfactory results, the use of the services of a firm of recruitment specialized in the services to companies of the construction presents itself as the simplest and most economic solution. In case of failure or to save time, the hunters are also an option to consider.

Vauban Executive Search, Executive search and Effective Headhunter

Vauban Executive Search is able to support the recruitment of CFO building companies . Our working methods are closer to the direct approach than to conventional recruitment procedures.

Our system begins with a preliminary study of the values ​​and objectives of the recruiting company. This allows us to develop with the company the qualities and qualifications expected from the candidate for the position to be filled. This profile will then be made public. We then take the necessary steps to find the best candidates. They will be evaluated and will go through an interview within the company. We also check the professional references of the candidates who will have caught your attention. Our mission is not limited here, we assist both parties in the negotiations prior to taking office.

Services for the recruitment of CFO in the construction industry

Our services are available to construction companies wishing to proceed with the recruitment of their CFO . In particular, we aim to only submit candidates with a proven executive or expert profile in real estate and construction, with solid experience in finance and human resources, and of course in construction and public works. Our team of experienced consultants and headhunters will put you in touch with the best applicants.

In addition to construction companies, we also offer our recruitment support services to all companies in the real estate and construction sector, such as real estate developers, maintenance companies, real estate services and consulting companies, asset management companies assets, general building companies, etc.