Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Who should be entrusted with the recruitment of real estate asset managers?

Bred to the requirements of recruiting staff of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a personalized strategy, from screening to hiring. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment team of executives in the real estate sector and construction. As an expert in the field of building, Vauban Executive Search finds for you the most qualified person. Whatever the type of mission you plan to delegate to it and the job, in various trades: human resources, operations, communication, marketing, techniques, finance, audit, contact our headhunter cabinet.

The recruitment of an asset manager can be entrusted on the one hand to a conventional Executive search, and on the other hand to specialists in Executive search. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency whose consultants are also formidable headhunters for real estate, construction and construction companies.

The difference between recruiting firm and headhunter

The recruiting firm is an agency that will only use standard procedures for recruiting your asset manager . He can take care of the recruitment campaign from the conception of the strategy to employ until the hiring of the ideal candidate. He will perfectly respect the whole process.

The headhunter is also a professional recruiter. His methods are somewhat controversial since he will not always bother with conventional procedures. It will generally use the straightforward approach of selecting candidates whose profile on paper may not correspond exactly to the profile sought for the position, but whose CV and career may suggest that these individuals can secure the position successfully. He will then be responsible for convincing the latter, and his client, that this can give good results. A good head hunter will rarely be wrong.

Why entrust the recruitment of a real estate asset manager to a specialist?

The smooth running of real estate transactions and transactions is based on successful recruitment of a dedicated manager. Indeed, the main tasks of a management nary of active real estate are put in place an effective investment strategy for the real estate portfolio, both on behalf of companies as individuals. He is also responsible for optimizing their profitability.

In order to hire a capable and qualified person to ensure optimal valuation of your property portfolio, it is possible to entrust the recruitment of your asset management manager to a real estate agency such as Vauban Executive Search. We will select the best candidates for such a position taking into account your real needs, as soon as possible, while optimizing your budget.

Benefits offered by Vauban Executive Search

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment specialist in the field of real estate. We can help you find the most appropriate profiles to manage your assets . Our long experience has allowed us to build a professional network in the real estate sector, and to proceed if necessary to a direct approach of the candidates for the recruitment of your asset manager.

We also have the skills to undertake your hiring process from posting ads, sorting records, evaluating and screening potential candidates, etc. We make sure to verify the veracity of all the information provided by candidates and their career paths. Clearly, you will have to receive in maintenance only the most promising profiles.