Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Executive search to find portfolio managers

Vauban Executive Search is an expert in the recruitment of real estate and building management executives and provides you with quality service. Our mission is recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search hires the best profiles for you. Whatever the type of mission to be performed and the position, in all sectors: from operations and techniques to consulting and audit through marketing or communication, human resources, finance, contact our hunting firm heads.

For particular profiles such as portfolio managers , Executive search is proving to be an attractive way of recruiting. The company looking for high-level candidates can entrust the process to experienced professionals like Vauban Executive Search, who take care of finding the rare pearl in a short time.

Portfolio management, why opt for Executive search?

The top hunt here is to recruit professionals in portfolio management on behalf of a company. The headhunter intervenes as an intermediary to find the profile best suited to the job. To do this, he must know the recruiting company and the market concerned. Often, the candidate is already posted elsewhere, which requires poaching. In this case, the recruiter plans measures to accompany the latter in his departure and then in his integration into the new company. The clauses of non-competition and the terms of breach of contract are therefore carefully examined. Discretion is also required.

Portfolio management is a sector requiring specific skills, which the headhunter will evaluate. The professional remains objective in front of each candidate to place only the confirmed executives, that is to say having the required qualities. This is a major advantage for the recruiting company. In fact, Executive search makes it possible to find the ideal candidate in a very short time thanks to the networks and CVs available to recruiting agents. The direct approach ensures a relevant assessment of the profile: verification of the career path, discussion of the motives of the candidate to ensure the perfect match of the applicant to the responsibilities to be filled. In the case of portfolio management, Executive search will favor managers with a sense of risk,

Find the right hunter

Executive search is an HR job; a good professional must have convincing experience in this area. He is also an excellent sales person, persuasive and endowed with a certain charisma able to convince the remaining candidates to leave their company for other opportunities.

For a Executive search to find portfolio managers , the hiring agent must have the knowledge of the field. He is most often specialized, for example with a degree or significant experience in finance, real estate, etc. Generally qualified in human resources, it is also a commercial who aims to meet the demands in terms of employment in the sector he masters.

Vauban Executive Search , a direct approach recruiting firm, is the hunt for the head of portfolio management. We study with the client company its real needs in order to identify the type of candidate sought. Vauban Executive Search then draws on the CVs at its disposal to draw the desired profile, conducts interviews and negotiations, and accompanies the candidate in his migration, from departure to integration into the new position.