Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

A Executive search to recruit a construction expert

Vauban Executive Search is the reference for recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search is a leader in the recruitment of Real Estate and Building Staff, and supports you throughout the process. This specialized headhunter selects highly qualified employees. Whatever the type of mission you plan to entrust to it and the position, in all areas: technical, communication, human resources, finance, operations, marketing, audit, our headhunter cabinet is the essential partner.

By employing an expert Executive search in the construction industry , you will increase your chances of having effective employees, especially if all recruitment methods have not worked. At Vauban Executice Search, you will benefit from the skills of experienced recruiters to find the candidates who will meet your needs.

The head hunter’s office, an effective help

If you have exhausted all conventional recourse to recruit employees for your company, especially to fill executive or executive positions, it is recommended to turn to a Executive search practice . The construction sector , real estate and construction, is one of the areas that recruit the most via this method.

Indeed, this type of recruitment agency uses systems that are more or less off the beaten track to find valuable candidates for sectors for which it is increasingly difficult to find good profiles. Hiring consultants who specialize in Executive search are able to find people who are hired for a vacancy where conventional companies and Executive search would not have thought of looking. It is just essential to give them as much information as possible about your idea of ​​the ideal candidate and they will take care of the rest.

Find executive executives for construction, a daunting task

Recruitment of new employees for the building, construction or construction sector is now a tedious operation. Companies working in these fields are struggling to find qualified candidates, as most applicants are not always qualified for the proposed positions and those who are already have another job to fill. As a result, the supply of work is always higher than the demand and sometimes candidates who come forward do not have enough experience to handle complex projects, or they are not always on the news page. technologies.

The use of the services of a cabinet headhunters specializing in construction is then the most suitable solution to find employees who meet exactly the needs of the company or project.

Vauban Executive Search: a headhunter cabinet to make your job easier

Vauban Executive Search , our headhunter specialized in the field of construction will find quickly and cheaply leaders and senior executives tailored to the needs of your business. Our consultants know this branch of the labor market and the expectations of companies at their fingertips. If necessary, they can go as far as soliciting direct approach candidates, even if they are already working for other companies.

Vauban Executive Search supports you throughout the process of recruiting your high-level employees, from research to integration within your company.