Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Real estate investment fund manager recruitment, who to call?

Mastering the mysteries of recruiting staff of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search guarantees quality support. Our field of intervention is the recruitment of professionals from the real estate and building sector. Vauban Executive Search recruits for you the person you are looking for. Whatever the nature of the mission to be accomplished and the job, in various trades: from operations and techniques to consulting and audit without forgetting the marketing or the communication, the human resources, the finances, our cabinet of hunter of head is the partner to contact.

The recruitment of a real estate investment fund manager is a particularly delicate operation considering the financial and legal stakes of the missions that will be entrusted to him. Vauban Executive Search is a Executive search specializing in Executive search for the real estate, construction and construction sectors.

The benefits of using headhunters

In the case of hiring an investment fund manager , it may happen that traditional recruitment methods, such as internal recruitment or the use of a Executive search, do not deliver the expected results. or simply do not work. Indeed, the specificities of the skills and the profile required to take charge of this position make it somewhat difficult to find valuable candidates. Using headhunters is a backup solution.

A head hunter will strive to find the right person and eventually find it, but not necessarily where conventional research would have led you. He will generally use the so-called “direct approach” method of selecting candidates and convincing them of their ability to take up the vacant position. It should be noted that this method will respect professional ethics and remains within the legal framework.

Recruitment of an investment fund manager, a delicate operation

The management of funds invested in real estate is a task that requires proven skills in administration, accounting and finance, but also a perfect knowledge of the field of construction and real estate projects, its constraints and specificities. The recruitment of an investment fund manager therefore involves finding a person who has these multiple qualifications, which is not an easy task given the specificities of the position to be filled.

In addition, it will publish the job offer, select applications received, receive applicants and conduct preliminary interviews, before proceeding to the final hire of the successful candidate. This requires a lot of time. This is why it is advisable to entrust the recruitment of your investment fund manager to a specialized agency. She will take care of finding you the qualified person for this job. You can focus on your activities.

Vauban Executive Search, reliable recruitment methods

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency specializing in finding employees for real estate and construction companies. You can trust us to proceed with the recruitment of your investment fund manager .

Our many years of experience in the real estate and construction industry is an assurance of our expertise, and our recruitment processes are as effective as they are reliable. We carry out the research and the hiring of your collaborator in the respect of the confidentiality and the ethics.