Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment for asset management by professionals

Our job is recruitment in the real estate and building sector. Specialized in executive recruitment of property management and construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a personalized strategy, from the screening stage to recruitment. As a building specialist, Vauban Executive Search finds the right person for the companies you need. Whatever the type of mission and the job, in all sectors: from operations and techniques to consultancy and audit, not to mention finance, human resources, marketing or communication, our headhunter cabinet puts at your disposal his know-how.

The recruitment of asset management experts for a real estate company is a mission that is recommended to leave to the care of a professional. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency that provides real estate, construction and construction companies with competent and experienced recruiting consultants.

The benefits of using a Executive search

The hiring of asset management managers is far from being an easy task given the complexity of the required profile. Moreover, a recruitment procedure is an operation which promises to be tedious and time-consuming since it requires a considerable investment of time. It will be necessary to publish the job offers, to receive the files and to triage those who are of interest, to receive the selected candidates in interview, etc.

Entrusting recruitment to a specialized firm is then presented as the simplest and most economical solution. This type of agency has the know-how and the human resources necessary to carry out the research of the ideal candidate for the post fill. You can then take on more productive tasks. In addition, to optimize your chances of finding the right person for you, you can opt for a firm that uses Executive search as one of its methods of recruitment.

The solution to successfully recruiting your employees in Asset Management

Real estate asset management or the management of corporate real estate assets is today a booming sector. The mission is to ensure the profitability of the real estate entrusted to it, from acquisition to disposal, through a set of services. The service offering of asset management companies appeals to businesses as well as institutional investors, as well as more and more individuals.

This dynamism of the market is not without impact on the recruitment needs in the Asset Management sector . Only companies have difficulty finding the skills they need. Most of the time, with traditional recruitment methods, we can not find the desired profiles. For this reason, the use of a headhunter cabinet is recommended.

Vauban Executive Search, the key to the success of your recruitment in Asset Management

For your recruitment Real Estate Asset Management, you can contact Vauban Executive Search . With a long experience and a perfect knowledge of the practices of Real Estate and Construction, our Executive search will find candidates meeting your requirements.

To identify potential candidates, we put our extensive network of contacts at your disposal, consult external CV libraries and use directories of former students of higher education. In any case, in order to provide you with advanced profiles with solid basic training, years of experience or a strong potential for asset management, we favor the direct approach.

We also take care of the selection, the evaluation of the candidates and the control of their professional references. In the end, you will receive in interview only profiles pre-selected and deemed able to carry out the missions associated with the post to be filled.