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Recruitment of a building expert by a professional

Bred to the subtleties of recruiting staff of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search provides you with quality support. Our job: recruitment in the real estate and building sector. Vauban Executive Search identifies experienced employees for you. Whatever the type of functions to be staffed in various fields: consulting, marketing, auditing, technical, operations, finance, communication, our headhunter cabinet puts at your service its perfect knowledge.

The recruitment of a building expert is an operation that must not be done quickly in view of the stakes. By leaving this mission to the recruiters of Vauban Executive Search , you put every chance on your side to find the perfect person for the positions to be filled.

Why use a Executive search?

The recruitment of an expert in the construction sector can not be blindly given the stakes of skills required to assume these positions effectively. In fact, a building expert must first of all master all the technical, legal and administrative aspects relating to the construction, renovation or any other type of major intervention to be carried out or in the event of a disaster.

It is therefore essential to carefully choose the expert you hire for a project or a specific case. Given the complexity of the required profile, the use of the skills and know-how of specialized recruiters is required. The design and implementation of the entire recruitment process will be taken care of by professionals put at your disposal by the recruitment agency. The choice of the latter is therefore also important.

What is the profession of building expert?

One of the reasons that make it difficult to recruit a building expert is the content of the assignments that will be entrusted to the person who will be in charge of the post, and the skills required to be effective in his tasks. Indeed, the latter will have for main mission the management of the files of claims on behalf of private individuals, companies or insurance.

He must be able to identify the causes and responsibilities of the various parties, carry out the damage assessment, negotiate the terms of settlement of the incident and draw up expert reports. It must be of flawless objectivity and have very good knowledge in the fields of construction, civil engineering and regulations. Among the other necessary qualities, he must have a good observation capacity which is refined of course with experience, as well as a great capacity of adaptation in view of the diversity of the requests met.

Vauban Executive Search, a Executive search specializing in real estate

For the recruitment of a building expert , our company can provide you with advice and assist you in all hiring procedures. As a first step, we study the job environment to better understand the structure, objectives and culture of your company. The second step is the definition of the position to be filled and the profile of the desired candidate, as well as the publication of the offers. We then take care of the selection and evaluation of the candidates and accompany you in taking up the new employee. All these steps are carried out with a permanent exchange in order to stick as closely as possible to your expectations and your needs.

For the recruitment of a building expert, calling on Vauban Executive Search helps to lighten your workload while ensuring advanced expertise.