Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment in the construction industry, to whom?

Thanks to its expertise in recruiting real estate and building management staff, Vauban Executive Search implements a perfectly targeted strategy, from the research stage to the hiring process. Our specialty: the recruitment of professionals in the real estate and construction sector. This specialized head hunter selects experienced employees. If you are looking for talented people to manage your teams, in various fields: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing without forgetting marketing and communication, human resources, finance, contact our firm head hunter.

recruitment for the construction industry is to be entrusted to professionals who are familiar with the specifics of this area. Expert in the recruitment of executives and executives for real estate companies, construction and construction, Vauban Executive Search provides them with the know-how of its experienced consultants.

The specialized Executive search, a partner to find effective executives

Conducting executive recruitment for the construction industry is a mission that is best left in the hands of specialists. By hiring an expert Executive search to research and hire executives or executives for construction companies, you optimize your chances of finding employees who will perfectly meet the needs of vacant positions.

It will put at your disposal consultants who are familiar with the specificities of the positions to be filled and who will personally take care of your case and who will implement a suitable recruitment strategy. And in case of failure of conventional recruitment methods, he may eventually conduct a Executive search to find valuable candidates who can assume the functions proposed successfully. In addition, speaking to professional recruiters will save you time and money as they will take care of all the steps and processes related to your project as you tackle more productive work. .

Difficulties related to recruitment in the construction sector

For companies in the construction sector , a recruitment campaign is a real headache given the paradoxical situation of the labor market in their specialty. In fact, on the one hand, there is a high unemployment rate in the construction and building and public works sectors, while on the other hand, companies are struggling to find employees.

In general, we note that the construction is a field in full change which requires trades always more technical. Energy developments such as the severity of standards, the progressive use of renewable energies or the sophistication of methods and materials require that technicians be constantly aware of regulations and new technologies. This kind of profiles becomes quite rare.

On the other hand, professionals also point the finger at the gap between the real needs of companies and the training provided.

Vauban Executive Search, to carry out your recruitments in the construction industry

For the recruitment of candidates in the construction sector , our firm is the interlocutor you need. We put at your disposal our skills and expertise in the research and selection of executives, leaders or other experts to ensure the development of your business. Our consultants support you until your goals are achieved and your investment returns. They favor the “direct approach” making it easier to find valuable candidates.

In addition to professionalism, we also guarantee ethics and discretion. Our philosophy is to respect our customers’ privacy policies and off-limits.