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Recruitment of a Director of Human Resources of the construction : where to address?

Thanks to its expertise in the recruitment of real estate management and building staff, Vauban Executive Search implements a tailor-made campaign, from the research stage to recruitment. Our specialty: the recruitment of executives in the real estate sector and construction. This specialized head hunter unearths experienced employees. Whatever the nature of the mission to be accomplished and the position, in various trades: operations and techniques to the council and the audit without forgetting the marketing as well as the communication, the human resources, the finances, our cabinet of hunter is the provider to contact.

Entrusting the recruitment of the Human Resources Director of your construction company to a specialized firm is the best way to ensure the success of this project. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for executives and executives who mainly addresses the sectors of real estate, construction and construction.

How to find an HRM for your construction company?

Perform Recruitment Human Resources Manager for a construction company is far from an easy task, as well as looking for collaborators for assuming positions of responsibility. If you want to find a HRD whose profile exactly matches the functions for which you intend, it is better to use a recruitment agency. It will put at your disposal professionals who will be able to design and implement appropriate strategies to successfully find you the right person for this position.

And if it turns out that the conventional methods used by the recruitment agency do not give the expected results, you can still turn to the Executive search who, for their part, use unconventional but legal systems and however, they can be particularly effective. However, it is important to choose the professionals you will use.

Executive recruitment, external recruitment is more appropriate

Recruiting senior executives has now become a veritable obstacle course, particularly in certain sectors such as real estate, construction and construction. Companies rarely manage to find the people who really meet their needs. The recruitment of Human Resources Manager in the field of building and civil engineering in-house is one of the most complex operations.

The solution is then to proceed with the recruitment of your Director of Human Resources in construction externally. In addition, it will bring new blood and new skills to your institution. For this mode of recruitment to be successful, it is advisable to use the services of a specialized firm such as Vauban Executive Search.

Find the best profiles with the help of Vauban Executive Search

The recruitment of Human Resources Director in the construction sector is one of the specialties of Vauban Executive Search. We support you in all stages of research and integration of your new employee. To ensure the adequacy of our services with your requirements, we analyze beforehand your needs and the environment of your company.

Then we search for the candidate in our databases and through a direct approach. We are continuing to recruit your future Human Resources Director in construction and public works by selecting them, followed by an evaluation of the shortlisted profiles. The selected candidate will then be interviewed at your location. Before he joins his position, we make sure to check his professional credentials.