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Recruitment of Director of Real Estate Investments

Our mission: the recruitment of professionals in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search is a specialist in the recruitment of Real Estate and Construction staff, and implements a personalized campaign, from the pre-selection stage to the hiring process. This specialized head hunter identifies the candidate you need. Whatever the typology of positions to be filled in various professions: operations and techniques for consulting and auditing without forgetting human resources, marketing and communication, finances, our headhunter cabinet is the specialist at who to contact you.

Proceed to recruit a chief investment officer for real estate requires the expertise of professionals who know the particularities and constraints on the position. Specializing in business services for real estate, construction and construction, Vauban Executive Search is a reliable recruitment agency to which you can entrust this mission.

What does the investment manager of a real estate company do?

The hiring of a director of real estate investments is a carefully conducted operation, given the responsibilities that will fall to the person who will be chosen. The main function of an investment manager is to supervise feasibility studies of real estate programs or projects based on the needs of clients. These studies will be carried out at the technical, financial and administrative levels. The management of real estate investments is also a task that falls on it, from the project design until its finalization.

Given the stakes involved in hiring an investment manager, it is undeniable that it is more than essential to properly select candidates. Entrusting the duties of this position to an incompetent person can be costly for both the company and the clients. Applying to specialized recruiters such as a recruiting firm or to head hunters are easy solutions to implement to find the ideal collaborator.

Why use a search firm to find your Real Estate Investment Manager?

Entrusting the recruitment of your real estate investment manager to a specialized firm will give you several benefits. In the first place, you will avoid the stress and loss of time associated with the recruitment process and will master the risks of failure related to hiring. Then, the agency can ensure the mission of a head hunter when needed.

This option also saves time and money. Indeed, it allows to delegate the distribution of the job offer, the management of the answers, the selection of interesting profiles and the verification of the different elements of the CV. In addition, with their experience and in-depth knowledge of the job market, search firms can find the right candidate more easily.

Vauban Executive Search, a team of experienced consultants

Entrusting the hiring of a real estate investment manager to our firm is a guarantee of significant time and money savings. Our team of consultants is expert in real estate and construction, and has developed a network both nationally and internationally in order to optimally meet the expectations of our clients. We are able to offer them highly qualified people for this position. We can take care of all the steps to be taken, from the definition of the position and the adapted profile, to the evaluation and the selection of the applicants. Everything is done in close collaboration with the client in order to stick as closely as possible to his expectations and needs.

For the recruitment of a director of investments in real estate, Vauban Executive Search guarantees you a quality service.