Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment of experts in the real estate sector

Vauban Executive Search is the reference for executive recruitment in real estate and construction. Specialist recruitment of executives of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search accompanies you at every step of the campaign. Vauban Executive Search identifies for you the collaborator you are looking for. If you are looking for talented people to expand your management team, in various areas: operations, technical, consulting, communication, finance, audit, marketing, contact our headhunter cabinet.

Conduct a recruitment for the real estate sector is increasingly difficult these days. The simplest solution for companies working in this field is to approach a Executive search that specializes in this sector as Vauban Executive Search.

Use a specialized Executive search: the benefits

It is best to leave the recruitment for a real estate company to the care of an expert firm in this specific area, especially if it is about finding executives or executives. Indeed, for these positions of responsibility, the choice of candidates must be judicious given the stakes of their skills and their effectiveness for the exercise of their functions.

A specialized agency is well acquainted with the peculiarities and the constraints related to the professions related to the field of the real estate and will be able to conceive and put in place a strategy of recruitment adapted to the positions to be filled. Moreover, in the event of failure of traditional recruitment methods, its consultants can become head hunters. Finally, it will take care of all the operations necessary for a recruitment procedure while you can take care of more productive tasks.

Vauban Executive Search, a Executive search specializing in the real estate sector

Expert in the realities and constraints related to the real estate sector , our Executive search offers real estate companies and professionals professional services for the research and the hiring of executives executives.

We have a network of potential candidates, including graduates from high schools and employees with many years of experience, which allows us to build on the direct approach to the selection of candidates to ensure results in the future. your expectations.

You can use our services for the recruitment of your future property managers, condominium managers, real estate developers, building project managers, etc. We are committed to recruiting the best candidates while respecting the values, objectives and culture of your company.

Major players in the real estate sector trust our recruitment agency

The offer of our recruitment agency is aimed at all major players in the real estate sector and construction. Real estate agencies are not our only clients. Real estate developers, real estate services and consulting companies, institutional and private investors, as well as asset management companies, general building and control companies and project management consultancies to us for the recruitment of their senior executives and experts.

The discretion, loyalty, and professionalism of our team allow us to build trusting relationships with all our customers. On top of that, to ensure the success of our missions, we focus on transparency and dialogue.