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Recruitment of logistics real estate specialists by an expert

Our mission: the recruitment of professionals in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search is an expert in the recruitment of real estate management and construction staff, and guarantees you quality support. This specialized head hunter identifies the best profiles. If you are looking for valuable employees to manage your teams, in various fields: technical, human resources, operations, marketing, communication, finance, audit, our headhunter cabinet is the essential partner.

The recruitment of logistics real estate agents can rarely be done internally given the specific skills and profiles required to take on this type of position. If you plan to carry out this operation, Vauban Executive Search provides you with specialized recruiters and efficient head hunters.

Why call on outside expertise?

The recruitment of logistics real estate agents involves finding people who know and master perfectly the technical, legal and administrative aspects of property development by professionals. Indeed, given the responsibilities that will accrue to those who will be chosen to perform this function, it is essential to proceed with their hiring carefully. In addition, it is not always possible to recruit internally and choose someone from home.

Speaking to specialized recruiters is essential to finding valuable candidates and choosing the right person. Executive search are usually the first resort of companies. They can indeed take care of all the operations relating to the search for applicants. The other possible recourse is to call on headhunters, also professional recruiters, but who use rather original methods, always legal and often very effective.

Headhunters to find a logistics real estate manager

The best option for successful recruitment of logistics real estate experts is to go to a Executive search practice. In fact, it may be difficult to recruit internally because of the profile of the incumbent. The use of external professionals is recommended to avoid wasting time and money.

The latter will help you find the best profile in logistics real estate. The recruitment techniques of these professionals are effective. To do their research, they use their address book or use a CV database. If necessary, they can go as far as soliciting candidates who are already working in another company. This is called in the jargon “the direct approach”.

You can use Vauban Executive Search, a renowned recruitment agency specializing in real estate. We control the logistics real estate sector and you guarantee optimal results.

Vauban Executive Search’s offer for recruitment

Vauban Executive Search wants to be your preferred partner for the recruitment of your employees in Logistics Real Estate . Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of the real estate and construction sector, we can find you the best profiles in record time. To this end, professionalism, loyalty, discretion and efficiency are the values ​​that drive our society.

Thanks to our team of experts, your investment will quickly pay off. In addition, we make it a point of honor to respect the confidentiality of your projects. In any case, do not hesitate to trust our know-how for your recruitment in Real Estate logistics.