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Recruitment of a multi-technical maintenance profit center manager

Mastering the requirements of recruiting executives of Property Management and Construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a tailor-made campaign, from screening to hiring. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for executives in the real estate and construction sector. This specialized headhunter identifies highly competent employees. If you have vacancies in everything from operations and techniques to consulting and audit, human resources, finance, marketing or communication, please contact our Executive search practice.

Leaving the recruitment of a profit center manager expert in multitechnical maintenance to a professional is your best asset to succeed in this project. Vauban Executive Search provides real estate and construction companies with the know-how of its efficient and experienced recruiters.

Why hire a Executive search?

Given the responsibilities and missions that will come back to him, the recruitment of a profit center director expert in multitechnical maintenance is an operation to carry out with circumspection and that it is better to leave to the good care of professionals. In fact, you will be looking for valuable candidates yourself and will be asking for an investment in considerable time since people who can meet the profile required by this position do not run the streets on the one hand, and that the procedure Recruitment is also tedious (publication of offers, reception and sorting of files received, interview of selected candidates, possible training before hiring, etc.).

By entrusting all or part of the recruitment process to a specialized firm, you are offloading time-consuming and tedious tasks and can focus on more productive activities. On the other hand, if conventional recruitment methods fail, you can also turn to head hunters.

What does the profit center manager specializing in multitechnical maintenance do?

profit center director specializing in multitechnical maintenance will be the first person in charge of the center. Its mission is to develop objectives and strategies adapted to optimize the development and profitability of its activities. He will be the principal interlocutor of the Directorate-General, to which he must report periodically, but also that of third persons in relation to the center.

Companies operating in the field of multitechnical maintenance often face difficulties in recruiting their profit center managers . In fact, only people who have long experience as a holder of a position of responsibility within a profit center will be able to access it. In addition, the function requires a skill and a perfect mastery of the exploitation of the climatic engineering.

Find your profit center director specialized in multitechnical maintenance with Vauban Executive Search

With the help of our headhunters, the recruitment of your future profit center director specializing in multitechnical maintenance will be done as soon as possible. Our agency uses two main tools to accelerate the search for the most convincing candidates: on the one hand, a network of real estate and construction professionals, and on the other hand, the contact details of the graduates of the grandes écoles.

Once they find the person with the profile you have set up for the position of Director, our recruiters will approach them directly. They will also organize the tests that will evaluate each candidate. At the end of the various written and oral tests, you are assured that only the cream of the candidates will be proposed to you.