Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment in project management with the help of a firm

Mastering the requirements of recruiting staff of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search ensures quality service. Vauban Executive Search is the reference when it comes to recruiting real estate professionals and building professionals. This specialized head hunter finds experienced collaborators. For all types of functions to be staffed in all departments: from operations and techniques to consulting and audit through finance, human resources, marketing and communication, our Executive search puts at your disposal service its expertise.

Recruitment in project management requires specialized profiles with special qualities. The difficulty of finding the right candidates explains the interest of Executive search like Vauban Executive Search.

Recruitment in project management, looking for the best profile

Project management requires special training, making the candidate suitable for conducting construction work. It can therefore be an architect called to design the construction project, that is to say develop the plan and the technical document; Coordinate all the work and animation of the teams and ensure the relationship with the companies involved in the implementation of the project (suppliers, different trades). Recruitment in project management often favors experienced people, because the skills of such a framework are measured primarily in the way it manages different situations. These are skills especially developed in the exercise of the profession. The recruitment project supervision is not always easy, because the profiles justifying conclusive experiments remain rather rare. The selection phase can therefore last, because of the number of applications to be examined, while in the end few will be retained. Moreover, the really interesting profiles exert elsewhere, and do not respond to calls for tenders launched on dedicated platforms.

Entrust the recruitment in mastery of work to a specialized cabinet

A specialized firm will efficiently manage the recruitment of mastery of work in a short time. He looks after the candidates and their selection, and prepares the interviews with the recruiter. The choice to use external consultants has several advantages: saves time for the company, which immediately has qualified candidates to choose from, instead of processing tens or even hundreds of CVs; opportunity to be counseled throughout the recruitment and finally access to profiles not available on recruitment platforms, ie project management specialists already in post elsewhere, who no longer offer their expertise on research sites d ’employment. In the latter case, the outside firm may attempt a direct approach to convince the specialist to change companies. This is the head hunt, to contact the person directly to make proposals. The recruiter himself is not allowed to do this kind of maneuver.

Vauban Executive Search, your recruitment partner

Vauban Executive Search as a firm specializing in real estate and construction, ensures the recruitment of officials mastery of work for companies. Our approach begins with the definition of the structure and culture of your company, to better understand the environment where the new employee will be integrated. Subsequently, we define the profile to look for according to this first study. The selection and evaluation of candidates is done in accordance with the level of requirement you have established for the position. We then present the candidates for interview. The professional references of the finalists are duly checked, with the agreement of the concerned parties. Finally, we negotiate the conditions of employment and accompany each candidate for his integration into your company. Thus, Vauban Executive Search assists you at every step of recruitment in project management.