Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment of Real Estate General Manager by a professional

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment specialist for property management and construction, providing services that meet your requirements. Our job: recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. As a building specialist, Vauban Executive Search finds experienced employees for you. If you need valuable people to expand your management team, in all sectors: communication, finance, audit, human resources, marketing, techniques, operations, our executive search cabinet offers you a long experience.

Entrusting the recruitment of the General Manager of your real estate company to a specialized firm is your best chance to find the perfect person for this position of responsibility. Vauban Executive Search provides real estate, construction and construction companies with the know-how and experience of its consultants and executive search in the search for high-level executives and executives.

Why go to a specialized Executive search?

Leaving the recruitment of the General Manager of your real estate company to the care of an agency specialized in finding and hiring top executives for companies in this sector is the most practical and economical way if you want to find a person who actually has the skills required for that position.

By hiring a professional, you also discharge time-consuming and time-consuming tasks in conducting a recruitment campaign. The agency will take care of receiving, studying and sorting the application files, to pass the first interviews to the selected candidates and can even take care of the hiring procedure.

In addition, where the use of a recruitment agency has not been very successful, it is also possible to turn to the headhunters. The latter will use methods that are somewhat out of the ordinary for recruitment, but which often give good results.

Recruitment of your Real Estate Director, choose the skills of our consultants

The consultants of Vauban Executive Search are able to make the recruitment of the future General Manager of your real estate company in the rules of the art. They are true head hunters whose know-how and experience allow them to get in touch with potential candidates who can match the profile you are looking for.

In fact, we have our own network of graduates, senior executives and new talents. Our team is committed to finding people with recognized skills and proven professional experience of several years in the real estate field.

In order to identify the best profiles, we first analyze your environment: structure and objectives, culture of your company, work environment, etc.

Customized services based on a relationship of trust

Reference in the sector of real estate and construction, our Executive search works with different actors: real estate developer, asset management company, real estate services and consulting company, general building companies and control organizations, etc. .

To best meet the requirements and expectations of our customers, we offer tailor-made services. We emphasize discretion, loyalty, dialogue and professionalism in order to establish a relationship of trust with all our clients.

For this reason, many real estate companies call on us to recruit their senior executives and experts, including their general manager , their technical director, their manager, to name but a few. -the.