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Recruitment of sales manager construction, made to call a professional

Our area of ​​intervention is recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. Mastering the subtleties of recruiting executives of Property Management and Construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a tailor-made campaign, from the screening phase to recruitment. This specialized headhunter selects the best profiles. If you need to value your employees to expand leadership in a variety of businesses: the Board of operations and techniques and auditing through the marketing and communications, human resources, finance, please contact our headhunter cabinet.

Entrusting the recruitment of the commercial director of your construction company to a specialized firm will allow you to cope with this necessary operation, but somewhat stressful, serenely. Expert in the research of executives and executives for the sector of real estate, construction and construction, Vauban Executive Search is the ideal partner for this project.

The commercial director, to choose carefully

Whatever the sector in which your company is specialized, your commercial director must be chosen with the greatest care given the importance of the missions that will be entrusted to him. He will be the first person responsible for ensuring the smooth running of all activities within your sales department. He will have to lead projects and relationships with prospects and customers and will have to have strong management skills and business techniques applicable to his sector of activity. Given the responsibilities that will fall on him, it would be very imprudent to recruit him in a hurry.

The best option if you want to succeed in recruiting the commercial director of your construction company is to use a recruitment agency specializing in this particular sector. You can also building service engineer on head hunter skills to find the person who will exactly match the profile required for that position.

The benefits of the services of a professional recruitment agency

The recruitment sales manager for the construction sector is also a time consuming laborious task if we do not have the necessary expertise to identify candidates value. From the definition of the profile sought, the drafting and publication of the job offer until the final hiring of the successful candidate, through the reception and the sorting of the files and the interviews, to hire a new collaborator n ‘ is not a task of all rest.

By entrusting the recruitment procedures to a professional, you unload the most tedious steps. The agency is responsible for identifying the best candidates for you. All that’s left for you to do is to send the job interviews to the pre-selected applicants and to hire the one who best meets your requirements. Some firms may even take the final hiring process of the successful candidate.

Vauban Executive Search, recruitment agency and headhunter

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency and headhunter specializing in finding senior executives, executives and experts in the field of real estate and construction. We are able torecruit your commercial building manager . Our consultants will fully respect all the selection criteria you have indicated.

Professionalism, discretion, loyalty and ethics are among the core values ​​that are important to us and that we consider in our business. Our experience in the field of real estate and construction is a guarantee of the quality of our services.