Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment of senior executives for a prime contractor

Thanks to its mastery of hiring real estate staff and construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a personalized strategy, from research to recruitment. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment team of professionals in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search finds companies with confirmed employees. If you have vacancies in various fields: operations, technical, consulting, communication, finance, auditing, marketing, our headhunter cabinet is the ideal specialist.

Recruitment of managers and operational managers of a company project management is often entrusted to a firm headhunter specializing in the real estate sector and construction. As a professional, it can guarantee a result in accordance with the expectations of his client.

Use the direct approach

Finding valuable candidates is not an easy task if you follow the traditional recruitment process. Only the direct approach makes it possible to come into contact with the most suitable profiles for the job.

To do this, the headhunter cabinet uses a proven methodology for its effectiveness:

In most cases, the firm undertakes to replace the candidate free of charge if the trial period is inconclusive.

Choose a Executive search recognized for its values

Conducting a proactive approach to make contact with potential candidates can occupy high-level positions in a company project management is a matter of headhunters .

Thanks to the high-level professional culture and experience of Vauban Executive Search consultants , our firm is able to help you recruit future managers and executives from your company. We are used to quickly identifying the skills and aspirations of the target candidates, which allows us to guarantee a result that meets your expectations.

On the other hand, we owe our success to the importance we place on values:

As specialists in real estate and construction, our firm offers its services to all players in the sector: project management consultancy, general building companies, real estate developers, maintenance companies, services and advice real estate, asset and fund management companies, etc.