Investment & finance

Our company supports investors (family offices, fund and/or asset management companies mainly specialized in the private equity, corporate venture and real estate sectors) of all sizes (listed company, human-sized company, etc.) in their recruitment of managerial and executive profiles.

Our expertise covers the recruitment by direct approach of the following positions and functions :

icn01 1 1 - Investment & finance


Venture Capital, Growth, LBO ( Small, Mid, Large Cap), Restructuring

icn07 1 1 - Investment & finance


Infrastructure funds, Impact Funds, Corporate Venture Capital

icn05 1 1 - Investment & finance

Investment Banks

Corporate Banking, M&A, Capital Markets

icn03 1 - Investment & finance

Private Banks / Family Offices

Wealth Management, Portfolio Management

icn08 1 1 - Investment & finance

Asset Managers

Stocks, Bonds, Alternative Investments, UCITS/FIA, Discretionary funds

icn02 1 1 - Investment & finance

Financial Services & Fintech

Brokerage firms, Leasing, factoring, Crowdfunding, Crypto and Blockchain actors

icn06 1 1 - Investment & finance

Insurance, Mutual Funds

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We are a recruitment firm specializing in finding talent for companies in these highly competitive financial sectors.

Our team of experienced consultants has extensive knowledge of these industries and a vast network of contacts to identify the best candidates for your company. We understand the unique challenges that companies in these industries face and are committed to helping them find the talent that will help them achieve their goals.

Our services include in-depth talent searches, in-person interviews and a thorough skills assessment to ensure we find the right candidate for the job. We are committed to providing fast, efficient and reliable service to help our clients find the best talent in the private equity, asset management and banking sectors.

We understand that finding talent can be a long and difficult process, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Please contact us to discuss your recruitment needs and how we can help you find the best talent for your business in the financial services and finance sectors.

10 Years of experience in Executive Search
150 Companies supported
550 Senior and experienced executives recruited
92 % of customer satisfaction
95 % of loyal customers
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