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Team performance consulting.

The human is the heart of our house spirit.

Meredith Belbin’s quote, a psychosocial specialist in team management, “If no one is perfect, a team can be perfect!” took all its meaning within the firm Vauban to offer you a new offer for CODIR. 

While we live in a world where the focus is on individual performance, we are convinced that combining individual qualities makes it possible to have a more efficient team. Vauban relies on the Belbin method (scientific method developed in the 80s at Cambridge) to offer coaching from CODIR.

Our approach allows you to lead your CODIR towards collective intelligence and group success through the identification of each person’s soft skills and their complementarities. Aware of the strategic issues of a management committee, we want to bring you our solutions to improve team dynamics, decision making and performance within your CODIR. 

Together with an expert consultant accredited since 2008 as a coach of the Beblin method, we offer CODIR coaching tailored to your challenges. How we perceive ourselves and how others perceive us? Getting to know each other better to communicate, understand each other better and work better together to be more efficient and complementary… Isn’t that all leaders’ goal ? 

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Vauban offers you its practical and concrete approach with the reading grid of the Belbin method to:

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Our offer will allow you to better understand you in order to better communicate to work together for a common goal. We will work with you to build complementary teams that excel in achieving sustainable results. 

Interested in
CODIR coaching?