Our speciality, executive search for the corporate finance sector

Vauban Executive Search is a consulting firm specialising in direct recruitment, experts and senior executives. Independent and recognized, it is one of the leaders in the financial sector

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Our firm, Vauban Executive Search, is renowned for its practice in recruiting financial services professionals, accompanying you through the hiring process. Our agency recruits for you the best candidates who will perfectly suit your requirements.

So whatever the recruitment guidelines you need to follow, you will find the right person for your company. As headhunters, Vauban Executive Search will therefore be your best ally, whether you are looking for a position or to fill a position within your company in the field of corporate finance.

Executive search : a reliable technique for financial recruitment

If you are looking for the perfect profile for a corporate finance position or have launched a recruitment process and you still do not have a positive response, we will help you win. We use a variety of methods to find you suitable candidates for the vacancy.

This company provides you with qualified people with an interest in the financial field who will integrate the issues and problems you face as quickly as possible. Moreover, thanks to our unconventional resources, which combine traditional sourcing with a direct approach, we ensure that we present you the most competent and efficient candidates on the market.

The corporate finance sector being very dynamic, we pay particular attention to reconciling speed and quality of work, in order to present you with candidates as quickly as possible.

Chasse de tête dans le secteur de la finance d’entreprise

The firm’s experience

Made up of specialized consultants for the recruitment of financial market professionals, our company offers you its method of direct approach to managers and high-level profiles, followed by a series of evaluations conducted by our teams. In this way, you benefit from our consultants’ know-how and expertise in corporate finance.

Indeed, we have carried out recruitment campaigns for positions of a highly financial nature such as M&A, Treasury, Capital Management Corporate and Administrative and Financial Directors in the funds’ holdings.

If you are looking for a qualified and competent person who meets the profile you are looking for, our headhunting firm will be pleased to arrange a meeting with you.

The reliability of our firm

As a result of its many relationships with corporate clients, Vauban Executive Search has made many contacts in the field of corporate finance, which allows it to acquire a large number of clients and a significant pool of candidates.

Our teams work discreetly and ethically, advise companies and maintain good relations with candidates. Through their professionalism and skills, they have earned the recognition of our clients.

If you do not have time to choose your future employee, hastening recruitment can be detrimental to your business (bad choice, starting sourcing again, waste of time and money). As mentioned above, the finance sector requires a high level of efficiency, so you have a clear interest in entrusting your recruitment to a specialised structure.

chasse de tete finance - Our speciality, executive search for the corporate finance sector
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