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Today, there are many Finance recruitment firms that can help you, whether you are a job seeker or an employer looking for an employee. These firms are able to connect an employer and a person looking for a job. Vauban Executive Search, based in Paris, is a recruitment firm that can help you in particular in the field of finance.

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In addition, Vauban Executive Search is a company known for its quality services. So, if you live in Paris and are looking for a job in the financial sector, this recruitment firm will be able to meet your expectations. Overall, the procedure is as follows:

Recruitment firm finances Vauban Executive Search: A first approach

First step, the Finance recruitment firm usually visits the company that is looking for an employee. The objective of this step is to assess the working conditions and culture of the company. This naturally allows him to know more about the working environment, but above all to obtain information about the vacant position.





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Recruitment agency finances Vauban Executive Search: Identification of candidates and vacant position

Since the firm is primarily a specialized advisor, its purpose is to find out about the profile sought, the objectives of the position, compensation, etc. It will then be necessary for the firm to be able to identify the profiles of candidates compatible with the position. Given Vauban Executive Search’s specialisation in the financial sector, it is therefore necessary to identify all candidates who are looking for a job in the financial sector.

Recruitment agency finances Vauban Executive Search: Evaluation of applicants

The Finance recruitment firm exchanges with each selected candidate in order to assess their skills for the position. The choice will be made according to the company’s requirements. In addition, the firm can take as an example the concrete situations in order to have a good discussion with the candidates. However, each interview must include a counselling and testing phase.

Recruitment firm finances Vauban Executive Search: Presentation, interview and start of work

After the candidates have been selected, they are received by the company’s recruitment members for an interview. Once the interview with the candidates has been completed, the firm and the company’s employees take stock of the situation in order to check the suitability of each of these candidates. Then, finally, comes the period of taking office. However, before this step, successful candidates will be subject to a professional reference check. Vauban Executive Search follows the candidate throughout his probationary period, but also when he takes up his position in the company.

Vauban Executive Search: The best financial recruitment firm in Paris

Vauban Executive Search a competent and determined team that helps you find the perfect person for the vacancy in your company. Whether you are looking for an accountant, a cashier or any other actor in the field of finance, this firm will be of great help to you. However, he is not only involved in this field, but also in the real estate, commercial, logistics sector… Do not hesitate to call on Vauban Executive for other vacant positions that are not in the financial field!

Finding a job today in Paris is not easy. It is for this reason that many structures are nowadays created that bring employers and employees together. And, Vauban Executive Search is one of the best recruitment firms available today.

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