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Entrusting the recruitment of your asset management manager to a specialized firm is probably the ideal procedure for hiring a qualified professional. By operating according to criteria that you have previously defined, these firms detect the best profiles available on the market and legitimize the applications. Vauban Executive Search offers you its expertise as a executive search firm. Our perfect knowledge of the financial world allows us to detect talents that will be chosen in consultation with you.

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The recruitment agency: the best asset for hiring executives

Thanks to its growing influence on the labour market, the recruitment agency acts as a credible and effective intermediary between professionals and companies, often represented by human resources managers. In a context where competition between companies to attract talent is fierce, this is a very advantageous alternative for companies. First, these executive search simplify recruitment procedures and lighten the tasks of the representative structures. Companies then benefit from a valuable time saving in the recruitment process as they are involved in the selection of the ideal candidate after a careful selection of the most relevant profiles for the position has been made.  Indeed, recruitment firms assess both the skills and personality of candidates to present a targeted and ad hoc choice to proxy companies.

Some firms also specialize in specific fields, such as finance or real estate. Executive search, then experts in these sectors of activity, have a thorough knowledge of the professions for which they hunt. As a result, the technical skills of potential candidates are detected more quickly, making their research and profile selection even more relevant.

Thus, the role of recruitment agencies is decisive since they are responsible for finding a profile that matches the company’s requirements and corresponds to market trends.



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Vauban Executive Search: your executive search firm for asset management

Like a gold digger, the recruitment firm Vauban Executive Search deploys all the human and material resources necessary to achieve its objectives. We use a customizable approach to identify the nugget that will count among your future collaborators.

We position ourselves as a privileged partner of financial structures since we operate at a top and middle management level. Indeed, we assist companies in the search for their executives and senior managers, positions with strategic and managerial challenges that are particularly crucial for the company.

Through our many years of experience, we have built a network of professionals recognized for their expertise, particularly in the fields of investment and finance. We support companies throughout the recruitment process, in sectors such as financing, investment, private equity, asset management and asset management.

A specialized headhunter for the financial sector

Our recruitment firm’s reputation is based above all on our expertise in the investment and finance sector. To this end, we have an updated database containing a list of leading experts in the world of finance. For the occasional recruitment of senior managers or executives, we adapt our policy to your professional and ethical requirements. For example, when choosing an asset management manager, we strive to attract the best talent, both on their technical skills and pure and theoretical knowledge of the profession and the mechanisms of finance, as well as on their human, relational and managerial qualities, all at reasonable prices.

Our recruitment agency will assist you throughout the selection process

Our approach consists first of all in-depth information about your structure as a whole, your expectations, the history of the company and your culture, because it is essential to recruit a candidate whose state of mind is in perfect harmony with the values of your company. At the same time, we assimilate the issues of the position to be filled, the missions and the responsibilities that result from them.  This study therefore allows us to establish the standard profile required, between technical skills and personal qualities. Then, we engage in a series of steps that range from the identification of potential candidates, to the selection of finalists, interviews within our firm, reference checks, negotiations and putting the two parties in contact. We also offer you our assistance in the follow-up and development of the candidate selected for a revaluation of the position.  We intervene and advise you throughout the entire recruitment process.

Find a convincing profile for a job that requires transversal skills

In selecting a candidate, the recruitment firm engages its credibility and even its responsibility (even if only partially) in the latter’s services. That’s why we commit incredible resources, whatever the position to be filled.

The world of finance is a very dynamic and constantly expanding sector. The position of Director of Asset or Fund Management requires in particular specialised and specific knowledge but also a personality adapted to this profession. Between financial risk management and regulatory knowledge, the Asset Management Director must have strong managerial and relational skills since he is in direct contact with clients. He or she must also demonstrate unfailing composure and good stress management. Given the challenges inherent in this profession, the selection of a professional of this size cannot be treated lightly and must be entrusted to a prominent headhunter such as Vauban Executive Search.

A hiring strategy based on your satisfaction

In view of the requirements of his position, the recruitment of an Asset Management Manager is a serious task that must be treated with the utmost seriousness and professionalism. Within our recruitment firm Vauban Executive Search, we are committed to managing our assignments with the utmost seriousness, giving as much responsibility and importance to selecting the best possible candidates as if your company were ours. Experts in the fields of finance, investment and asset management for many years, we are the skills detection, assessment and monitoring body that will best understand your requirements for recruiting your executives.

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