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The quality of a company’s management is one of the key factors in its success. For management companies, this rule remains the same. Our executive search expert firm was created to give your management company every chance to prosper. Its name: Vauban Exécutive Search. Its headhunters will be able to spot the rare pearl for you. We have a responsive and knowledgeable team that listens to you and analyses your needs down to the last detail. Our assets as executive search expert  then become yours, and we operate to ensure your management success and growth.

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A firm based on values

Our recruitment firm has built its reputation as a headhunter on a number of values that we would like to share with you. It is indeed essential for us to think of headhunting in both a philosophical and practical way. Our headhunting staff makes it a point of honour to work on a daily basis, both on assignments and in the relationships we maintain with clients and all our interlocutors, respecting our firm’s values. The commitment to meet your requirements, the openness in order to be transparent interlocutors but also the openness, loyalty, agility, benevolence… These are all values that allow our firm to direct our executive search efforts as effectively as possible towards candidates compatible with your management company. Our approach, our practices and our team make our firm an essential ally in executive search.

A demanding and sincere firm

Recruitment for a management company requires, first and foremost, that it be demanding in the methodology it uses. Our firm is aware of this and therefore carries out a executive search adapted to your management company. The sobriety and interactivity that characterize a headhunter allow us to establish a discreet and constructive dialogue with our interlocutors.

Resolutely modern and forward-looking, our firm is not giving up on the achievements of tradition. A good headhunter uses all the most recent sourcing tools (social networks, CV libraries…), adding them to a traditional practice of the profession. We thus adopt a complete and transversal recruitment methodology, which makes it possible to guarantee the seriousness and professionalism essential to your management company. We also operate with the utmost sincerity and honesty. We consider these values, dear to our firm, as essential to establish a dialogue of trust, but above all constructive, direct and without pretense.

Executive search approach

In a context of intense competition and scarcity of talent, our firm is committed to an in-depth search for high-potential profiles for your management company. First of all, we carry out a rigorous analysis of your company, its values, its culture and its identity, which helps us to optimize our headhunting. It is indeed important that the candidates we select for you can evolve in harmony with the members of your management company. Then, the precise definition of the position and profile of the candidate is established. We then understand as a whole not only the challenges of the position, the missions and responsibilities that result from it, but also the state of mind and personality that the ideal candidate must demonstrate. All our networks and communication channels are then invested in our executive search, with the sole objective of finding the person with the key skills and personality traits to meet your expectations.

Your management company meets the candidates

Our firm conducts headhunting in conjunction with your management company. Once we have met with the potential candidates in our firm, we write a report for you to give you a clear, global and objective idea of their professional background, their personality, but also their motivations to join your management company and what we think about their suitability for the position offered. Your employees then take over by making their own selection of candidates, whom they can then meet during interviews. It is important for us to follow the recruitment process from A to Z, so we maintain contact with both parties until we sign a reciprocal agreement.



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Practices that strengthen confidence in our firm

Years of experience as headhunters have given our firm experience, know-how and legitimacy. Our areas of expertise include banking (financing, investment), brokerage, administrative and financial management, asset management (asset management) and consulting (M&A, audit…). Your management company will therefore be able to fully benefit from the ecosystem that our firm offers.

An executive search team referenced in Paris

Vauban Executive Search is located in Paris, in the 16th and 8th arrondissements. This strategic geographical position optimizes executive search and the chances of an ideal service for your management company.

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