Executive search wealth management

Executive search wealth management


The role of the wealth management advisor is to help you make the best choices in terms of investments and the settlement of tax arbitrage. Its choice should not be made lightly, because the sustainability of your assets and your capital depends on it.

If you are looking for one in Paris in the 8th or 16th arrondissement, our wealth management recruitment firm is entirely at your disposal to help you find the right person.

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Our recruitment process begins with an analysis of

Before we start looking for the ideal person to manage your wealth, we study it to define the profile that you need. Then, we discuss with you to understand your needs and ambitions.

We then define the profile of the ideal candidate

This step is crucial and is handled by our experts who have several years of experience in recruiting wealth managers. In this work, we focus on versatility. In general, we believe that a good wealth management advisor should:

Now, depending on the nature of your assets and projects, it may not be necessary to look for a person with certain skills among those mentioned above.




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We look for potential candidates for you

Based on the standard profile previously defined, we position ourselves as a leader in wealth management in order to obtain a complete list of the best candidates for managing your wealth. For this purpose:

We conduct the first interviews and schedule interviews with you

We know your needs and ambitions and we know the type of profile that is needed for good capital management. We then schedule interviews with the people identified above at our offices in Paris. We study the curriculum, professional career, skills and personality of each candidate in order to assess the relevance of their profile to the management of your assets.

Following this first series of interviews, our experts will select the best profiles.

We will then schedule interviews with you or anyone you have designated as a stakeholder in the recruitment process. At the end of each interview, a report is produced with your participation or the participation of the persons you have mandated to assess the motivations of the various candidates and the possible follow-up to be given to each of them.

We help you make a final choice

With the agreement of the selected candidates after the recruitment interviews, we proceed to a professional reference check. We take care to inform them of all the steps we take with their former clients and employees. We conduct a comprehensive survey to assess the level of ethics and probity of the finalists.

A report about each candidate will be presented orally to help you make a wise choice.

We then follow up on the various negotiations and remain available for each party. During the first few months after your asset manager takes up his or her duties, we monitor his or her level of success in his or her role.

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