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The recruitment firm Vauban Executive Search in Paris is a real partner. It is a must on the legal and tax recruitment market. He works with a diverse clientele whose goal is to find a collaborator. With their unparalleled expertise, the consultants offer clients a perfect understanding of the recruitment market and legal services.

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What is the role of our legal recruitment firm?

A legal recruitment firm is a service company made up of consultants whose mission is to find new employees and support them in a client company. Consultants from a legal recruitment firm act as headhunters in recruitment processes. This mission is broadened from the definition of the offer, its availability, the type of competence sought to the development of the corresponding profile. A legal recruitment firm therefore plays an important monitoring role in a recruitment process. Sometimes, the recruitment firm still returns to the negotiations as an intermediary for the successful termination of the contract. That is the objective.

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Several companies request Vauban Executive Search‘s expertise for various legal recruitment services. Whether in the professional or general field, public or private.

It is with these aspects in mind that Vauban is committed to providing its client companies with exceptional know-how and practical and objective strategies for monitoring the employee recruitment process. Vauban also assists national and international client companies in the recruitment of experts and executives in other sectors, in particular:

How is legal recruitment done?

The publication of job offers is only the tip of the iceberg. To find the rare gem, internal databases, contact networks and word of mouth are the best weapons of the legal recruitment firm. The recruitment steps are:

OSupply and need of the professional market for the legal sectore

Very often, specialists from legal recruitment agencies in charge of a job offer carry out a market study. The purpose of the exercise is to understand the different structures and services in which the recruiter wishes to post the notice of application. In this way, recruiters have information on potential professional markets in progress. The study of the professional market then makes it possible to identify the most competitive sector, and whose recruitment offer would be an asset for the client company.

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