Vauban is the expert in the Recruitment of a Director of Participation

Due to the complexity of his or her work, the recruitment of a participation director can be time-consuming and stressful. Fortunately, Vauban Executive Search helps you to quickly find the ideal candidate. What is the role of a headhunter? How does it work? Why use an intermediary for recruitment for a participation direction? Find here the answer to all your questions.

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Recruitment agency: what you need to know

Contrary to what some people think, a headhunter works more with companies than with job seekers. Depending on the needs, we may be mandated by a company to hire an investment manager.

In this case, Vauban uses well-defined techniques to succeed in its role as an intermediary. Depending on the situation, we work with your company to identify your objectives. Then, we start the recruitment procedure for the participation department in order to help you find your investment manager.

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How does Vauban Executive Search work?

When we are mandated by a company, we are looking for people whose profile and experience perfectly meet the needs of the company that wishes to recruit executives. This is achieved through a variety of effective methods. Depending on the case, Vauban can use:

Recruitment of participation management: why collaborate with Vauban Executive Search?

In an increasingly competitive environment, finding the right investment manager is never an easy task. But by entrusting your recruitment and participation management project to a company like Vauban Executive Search, you give yourself every chance to make a good executive recruitment.

Benefit from tailor-made support throughout the hiring process

Once the right candidates are found, we contact them to let them know our intentions. Then, we make an appointment with you (the employer) to inform you of the various proposals.

The missions of the director of participation

The investment manager is an employee recruited to ensure, under the supervision of the fund manager, the sourcing of investment projects, their negotiation as well as the active management of a participation portfolio. To do this, he brings his expertise and knowledge of private equity to help the company succeed in its projects. In addition, it intervenes at the level of the financial department to manage and monitor the various investments. In collaboration with our executive search firm, you can easily find an investment manager who will work with the account managers to help your company achieve its objectives.

Easily find your conductor

Every day, Vauban helps companies find the right employee. To succeed as a participation director, he or she must qualitatively and quantitatively evaluate your company’s projects in order to identify the most profitable offers. Then, he negotiates and makes the investments on behalf of the company. It should be remembered that it also analyses the opportunities for acquiring a stake, namely:

Do not hesitate to ask Vauban Executive Search for its expertise to make your executive recruitment project a reality.

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