Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Cabinet Executive search expert in real estate

Bred to the requirements of recruiting executives of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search accompanies you at every step of the process. Vauban Executive Search is an executive recruitment agency for real estate and construction. Vauban Executive Search recruits for you the best profiles. Whatever the type of mission and the position, in all sectors: operations, consulting, audit, technical, human resources, finance, marketing, our Executive search cabinet is the reference partner.

A real estate specialist headhunter will be your best ally if you are struggling to fill one or more executives or executive positions within your real estate company. Vauban Executive Search is a leading hunting agency that offers its services exclusively to real estate, construction and construction companies.

Executive search, an effective recruitment technique

Specific characteristics of the profile sought, a shortage of workers (because they are all already engaged elsewhere) can turn a recruitment campaign into a real obstacle course for human resources managers and the hiring of a company. In areas where it has become increasingly difficult to find valuable candidates for high-level executive jobs, such as construction, construction or real estate , Executive search is an option for do not neglect if you want to fill a position quickly.

This type of recruitment agency uses methods that could be described as unconventional to find candidates for positions that seem difficult to fill. Whether it is the direct approach or the valorization of the talents and achievements of people who do not seem to have affinities with the missions that will be entrusted to them later, the recruiting consultants head hunters will find you the person that you must for your vacancy.

Recruitment of executives in real estate, a specialty of Vauban Executive Search

Vauban Executive Search’s consultants specialize in the direct approach recruitment method of executive managers and high level profiles. We make every effort to find the people with the skills you need. Nevertheless, we take care to proceed with maximum discretion. The know-how and experience of our consultants always allows them to obtain the most conclusive results. Our reputation is based on the success of the assignments that our clients have entrusted to us.

If you want to hire experts in the field of real estate , our Executive search cabinet is responsible for identifying and finding the right candidates for you.

Our Executive search works in strict compliance with the code of ethics

Our work methods based on discretion and ethics have earned us the trust of our clients. In addition to this, we favor dialogue in order to maintain quality relationships with both the mandating companies and the candidates.

Like real estate players who are already part of our list of preferred clients (property developers, investors, asset management companies, general building companies and control organizations, etc.), you can also rest in peace. on the professionalism and loyalty of our consultants. With a precise knowledge of this sector of activity, our team of experts is able to provide you with services that meet your requirements.

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