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Executive search expert of real estate in Paris

Vauban Executive Search is the reference for recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. Thanks to its mastery of recruiting staff of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search implements a personalized campaign, from the screening stage to recruitment. As a building expert, Vauban Executive Search is able to find experienced employees. If you need high caliber employees to expand your management team, in a variety of areas: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing to human resources, finance, marketing or communication, trust our headhunter cabinet.

Perform a recruitment real estate in Paris is a task that is best left to professional recruitment specialist in the real estate sector. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency that has researched executive executives for real estate, construction and construction companies in its core business.

Recruit for real estate in Paris, a complex operation

Real estate recruiting in Paris is a mission that risks becoming an obstacle course for companies that do not know how to go about it. Indeed, finding qualified people to occupy senior positions in real estate companies is becoming less easy given the number of companies that have specialized in this sector who are also looking for executives or executives. In addition to the competition, the special characteristics of job vacancies can also make it difficult to find valuable candidates.

It is therefore common for companies to turn to specialized recruitment agencies in the real estate sector as long as they can not recruit internally. And if conventional law firms are not performing satisfactorily, the use of specialist headhunters in real estate business services can also be of great help.

Use a specialized recruitment agency, the benefits

Realizing real estate recruitment in Paris by your own means or with traditional recruitment methods will not be an easy task. The procedure will require time and a dedicated team that does not necessarily have the skills necessary to conduct this process optimally. In addition, looking for and identifying promising profiles requires investing significant financial resources.

It is then interesting to call on a specialized firm to optimize your budget. It also saves a lot of time and is guaranteed to get quality research. You can be sure to choose your new employees from a relevant list of candidates.

Vauban Executive Search Professional Services

Our services cover all aspects of real estate recruitment and the hiring of any other high level managers in Paris. Thanks to our expertise in the real estate sector, we are able to provide you with relevant advice to guarantee the quality of the recruitment of your executives.

We have a team of specialized consultants, capable of efficiently conducting the research of the candidates corresponding to the needs of your company. We pay particular attention to sorting the various files taking into account the selection criteria essential for your activity and thoroughly checking all the information of the applicants. After a series of interviews and tests, we then define a list of the best candidates. You only receive the best interview in order to make your selection.

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