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Recruitment of General Manager in the real estate sector

Vauban Executive Search is the reference for recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. By mastering the requirements of recruiting executives of real estate management and construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a perfectly targeted campaign, from research to recruitment. As a specialist in the building industry, Vauban Executive Search identifies experienced employees for you. If you need high-caliber employees to expand your managerial staff in everything from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing, to human resources, finance, marketing and communication, trust our team. headhunter cabinet.

The hiring of a general manager of a company working in the real estate sector is often entrusted to a headhunter cabinet . Indeed, the direct approach is the safest method to find the profile most corresponding to the position.

Target the best potential candidates

To be able to get in touch with the target profiles, the firm specializing in the recruitment of General Manager in real estate proceeds to Executive search . This requires a methodology based on confidentiality and respect for off-limit issues.

Among the most used by its consultants to reach the best candidates, there is the direct approach through a network of professionals in the real estate sector and construction. Nevertheless, in order to guarantee a result that meets the expectations of its client, the headhunter cabinet also mobilizes other resources: directories gathering the contact details and functions of former students of higher education, external CVs, and the establishment of a detailed list of targeted companies, etc.

Select the most suitable profiles for the work environment of the job

The general manager of a real estate company must not only possess recognized skills and significant experience in this field, but must also be able to appropriate the culture and objectives of the firm.

In addition to his skills, the ideal candidate also has the personal qualities required for the job:

Direct Hunting Recruitment by Vauban Executive Search

Specialists in direct hiring in real estate , we can help you find your future CEO .

Our firm brings together consultants and experienced research staff capable of providing advice tailored to the particularities of your needs. By entrusting us with your recruitment project, you benefit from the support of specialists in the real estate and construction sector.

Apart from this, the recruitment by direct approach of all executives and high-level experts in this sector is also our responsibility: operational managers (development, fund management, acquisition, asset management …) and support functions (marketing, legal , finance, HR …).

Our service offer is intended for all real estate players: developers, asset management companies and / or funds, real estate services and advice, institutional or private investors (mutual insurance companies, insurance companies , provident fund …), contractors and consultancies for project management or project management (MOE, AMO, MOD …), general building companies, maintenance companies (monotechnics, multitechnics …).

We are committed to carrying out our missions by focusing on professionalism, discretion, ethics, loyalty and dialogue, all values ​​that allow us to be among the most referenced real estate Executive search .

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