Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Who to entrust with the recruitment of your real estate administrator?

Vauban Executive Search is an expert in the recruitment of real estate management and construction executives and implements a personalized strategy, from the research stage to recruitment. Our specialty: recruitment in the real estate and construction sector. As a building expert, Vauban Executive Search finds the right employee for the companies you need. Whatever the type of mission you want to delegate and the position, in all departments: operations and techniques for consulting and auditing without forgetting human resources, marketing as well as communication, finances, our firm executive search is the essential specialist.

Proceed to the recruitment of a director real estate is a task that is best handled by executive search professionals to the real estate sector. Having done research and hiring qualified executives on behalf of real estate, construction and construction companies Vauban Executive Search is a reliable Executive search.

Executive search or executive search to find your real estate administrator?

Perform the recruitment of a director real estate without the help of a professional can quickly turn into an obstacle course. In fact, in recent years, the development of the real estate sector and the arrival of new businesses have changed the situation in terms of supply and demand in this area. The number of job offers is then much higher than the demand, which makes recruitment difficult, especially for management and other positions of responsibility.

When the internal recruitment does not give the expected results, the recourse to the professionals is necessary. You then have the choice between the services of a Executive search that uses conventional methods, and executive search. These can be particularly effective when you have exhausted the classic remedies because it will find you the person you need, sometimes off the beaten path.

What does a real estate administrator do?

The real estate administrator is the first person in charge of the management of a real estate park. It is the professional to contact to benefit from expert services for all tasks and steps related to the good management of your property.

The recruitment of a good administrator therefore makes it possible to profit from a good without being an expert in this field. In addition to his law and management degrees and qualifications, the skills of a property manager are also assessed on certain personality traits, especially in the case of a senior executive. Thus, rigor and determination are qualities sought when recruiting a senior administrator. Since the person will act as an intermediary with the tenants, being diplomatic in interpersonal relationships is also a major asset to succeed in this business.

The services of Vauban Executive Search

Executive search specialized in real estate and construction, Vauban Executive Search puts its expertise at the service of actors looking for qualified employees.

To identify the required profiles, we study in detail the structure and environment of our clients and engage in an in-depth dialogue to clearly define the vacancy. An extensive network, established over the years of our activities, has allowed us to build a large database of potential candidates.

Our selections are also based on interviews and scenarios of applicants to see how the person meets the criteria you are looking for. Apart from these practical considerations, we guarantee a total transparency and loyalty in our action to recruit an administrator

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