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To whom to entrust the recruitment of your real estate negotiator?

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment company for real estate and construction professionals. Vauban Executive Search is the leader in the recruitment of Real Estate Management and Construction staff, implementing a tailor-made campaign from screening to hiring. Vauban Executive Search selects highly qualified employees for companies. If you are looking for valuable employees to lead your teams, in various trades: technical, financial, consulting, human resources, operations, auditing, marketing, our headhunter cabinet is the partner to contact you.

The real estate negotiator of recruitment is a delicate task given the challenges the skills and effectiveness of the future taking this position. Expert in the recruitment of executives and executives for the sector of real estate, construction and construction, Vauban Executive Search is a reliable partner for this project.

The benefits of using a specialized Executive search

Leaving the recruitment of real estate negotiator to a firm specializing in the real estate sector is the most advantageous solution for any company that wants to find effective employees. It is worth remembering here that a recruitment process is particularly time-consuming and tedious. An agency expert in the field will indeed design and implement a recruitment strategy tailored to the needs of its customers. In addition, she can take care of the entire project, from the creation and dissemination of the job offer to the final hiring of the successful candidate. By entrusting him with the operations, you will have the opportunity to tackle more productive work.

In addition, there are recruiting firms whose consultants can turn into formidable headhunters when conventional channels do not give good results. The headhunter is indeed able to find valuable candidates where conventional methods have failed.

The missions of the real estate negotiator

The recruitment of a real estate negotiator is to be done with care given the missions that will be entrusted to him. This professional is not only a confirmed salesman, but also he is required to take part in all the stages of a real estate transaction, whether it is during a purchase, a sale or a renting of a real estate .

His legal and financial knowledge in the field of land ownership, particularly in terms of taxation and real estate law must be perfect. It must also have a solid technical basis for construction and urban planning. Moreover, since he is directly involved in financial negotiations, he must be able to provide a correct estimate of the value of a real estate in order to negotiate with the seller, and subsequently justify its price to buyers. potential.

Call on a specialized firm to recruit a real estate negotiator

Recruitment specialist in the real estate and construction sectors, Vauban Executive Search offers its expertise to help you in the recruitment of your real estate negotiator .

We have a team of experienced headhunters and consultants who will be able to study the various profiles before providing you with a short list of candidates matching your search criteria. We provide expert advice on the most appropriate hiring criteria for your work environment and needs. We then intervene from the search for potential candidates to the final selection, through the verification of the various information provided by applicants and their level of experience. We also conduct different interview phases to determine the motivation of the candidates.

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