Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Recruitment of real estate experts: where to go?

Thanks to its mastery of the recruitment of executives of real estate management and construction, Vauban Executive Search develops a personalized campaign, from the stage of the research until the hiring. Our specialty: the recruitment of executives in the real estate and construction sector. This specialized head hunter selects the person you are looking for. If you have positions to fill in all areas: consulting, audit, human resources, operations, marketing, techniques, communication, our headhunter cabinet makes you benefit from its mastery.

Realizing the recruitment of an expert in real estate without recourse to the accompaniment of a professional is a risky operation considering the stakes of the know-how and the efficiency of this specialist type. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency that has researched and hired executives and executives for real estate, construction and construction and public works.

Why choose the real estate expert?

The mission The expert in real estate, also called Expert in property valuation is to proceed to the determination of the financial value of property and property rights. After his study, he must then write a document that takes into account the legal, economic, technical and fiscal aspects of the value he has attributed to the properties to be valued. The document must comply with the Charter of Real Estate Appraisal Expert, of which the Confederation of Land Surveyors is a signatory.

It is a person who must know perfectly all the tricks of his job, which must be rigorous and methodical in his way of working. He is also a man on the ground. The recruitment of a real estate expert is therefore not to be taken lightly so that the results of his analysis are reliable and validated by the competent authorities. The use of professional recruiters is necessary if you want to hire one.

The benefits of real estate expert recruitment by a specialized agency

If you do not know how to go about recruiting a real estate expert , you will be well served by the services of a specialized firm. You only need to communicate the profile of the ideal candidate with the specificities of the position and you can avoid the stress and loss of time due to the recruitment process.

The consultants and recruiters of an agency specialized in the recruitment of executives for the sector of real estate indeed has all the knowledge required to find you the perfect collaborator. Their knowledge of the real estate field and their objectivity allows them to quickly identify the people who can fill the vacant position. If necessary, they will turn into effective head hunters.

Vauban Executive Search, the recruitment agency for real estate experts

Our Executive search specializes in finding experts in the real estate industry . The services offered by our firm will save you time because we take care of all stages of recruitment.

To carry out our mission, we rely on a team of professional real estate consultants. This team of recruiters or headhunters has the necessary skills to persuade the potential candidate to come to work with you: their sense of contact and their know-how to lead the negotiations are their main ways to give you complete satisfaction.

Our Executive search also has a “network” of real estate experts . Their CVs are available at any time and our databases are updated regularly. To find your future collaborator, our recruiters will only have to sort the candidates whose profile matches the one you are looking for.