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Recruitment of real estate negotiator in Paris: who to contact

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for professionals in the real estate and construction sector. Expert in recruiting staff of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search provides services to meet your requirements. Vauban Executive Search recruits confirmed employees for you. If you are looking for high level employees to expand your management team, in all sectors: human resources, communication, technical, finance, audit, marketing, operations, our headhunter cabinet is the essential provider.

The recruitment of real estate negotiator in Paris is an operation that must be done with caution and that it is better to entrust professionals. Vauban Executive Search is a trusted recruitment agency offering tailor-made services to real estate, construction and construction companies.

Why apply to a recruitment agency?

There are several reasons why it is better to entrust the recruitment of real estate negotiators in Paris to a specialized agency. First, it should be noted that it is rarely possible to recruit internally.

Secondly, the design and implementation of a recruitment strategy is both time-consuming and particularly tedious given the many operations to be carried out, namely the creation and dissemination of the job offer on the appropriate channels, the receiving and sorting applications, interviewing successful applicants, hiring procedures, etc. Applying to a recruitment agency will save you time in the project and allow you to focus on more urgent and productive work.

And if unfortunately the efforts of the recruitment agency do not give satisfactory results, you will still be able to address to the headhunters whose methods of recruitment somewhat original can however be particularly effective.

What skills are required of a good real estate trader?

An agency or a real estate company in the Île-de-France region wishing to develop has every interest in treating the recruitment of its real estate negotiators in Paris . The latter will have to ensure, among other functions, the negotiation of purchases, sales or rental of real estate.

Applicants must have good technical knowledge of the building and good customer skills. They will also always need to be aware of real estate market news not only in their area of ​​intervention, but also at the regional or international level.

The commercial meaning is of course a major asset to consider as well as its diplomacy and ability to reconcile the requirements of different parties involved in the transaction (seller, buyer, owner, tenant). Finally, a good mastery of the legal framework is also necessary.

The services of Vauban Executive Search

Vauban Executive Search, a headhunter specialized in the real estate and construction sector, also based in Paris , offers its services for the recruitment of real estate negotiators . With an extensive professional network in the sector, we are the preferred partner of many different actors: real estate development companies, institutional investors, asset management companies … Our clients trust us fully for the research and the hiring of confirmed executives.

Our action is based above all on the dialogue with the company and the study of its environment to define precisely the right profile for the position to be filled. We evaluate potential candidates through interviews and scenarios to give us a concrete opinion of their skills, especially for a real estate trader.

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