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Successful recruitment of professionals in real estate development

The recruitment of a property development manager presents many challenges, as it is the key person of the project. Thus, it is better to entrust his research to a firm, preferably oriented in the field concerned. Vauban Executive Search , specializing in real estate and construction, supports companies in their research.

Issues of recruitment in real estate development

Real estate development is building for buyers. The promoter takes care of the whole operation, from the assembly of the project until the delivery to the customers. The duration usually varies from 18 months to 2 years, and involves great responsibilities.

The recruitment of a specialist in real estate development must take into account the different stages of the process:

The property development manager therefore studies the desirability of a project and undertakes to manage all the problems that may arise throughout its execution. He is indebted to the buyers and the various partners of the operation. The recruitment of such a character does not take place lightly.

How to recruit a competent promoter?

Specialized companies wishing to recruit a property development manager can choose between two main solutions: carry out the research themselves or entrust it to a firm.

In general, the use of a firm is more advantageous. An outside agent knows how to be competent and efficient to find and select the best candidates, saving the company valuable time that can be assigned to a less tedious task affecting its core business.

Regarding the choice of the firm, it is essential to contact an agency specializing in real estate and construction. Indeed, calling on a general practitioner can lead to an erroneous assessment of the skills of the candidate, yet it is imperative to have an experienced manager for your real estate development project . Technical tests and interviews can be useful, and these will only be carried out by a reference firm in this area.

Real Estate Development Recruitment with Vauban Executive Search

Vauban Executive Search is a firm specializing in the field of real estate and construction. We recruit for you experienced professionals and high level, able to take an active part in your projects.

For recruitment in real estate development , our approach is as follows:

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