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Recruitment of Real Estate Development Director, who to contact?

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for real estate and construction professionals. Thanks to its expertise in the recruitment of real estate and building management executives, Vauban Executive Search implements a perfectly targeted strategy, from research to hiring. This specialized head hunter unearths confirmed collaborators. If you are looking for valuable employees to lead your teams, in various fields: technical, human resources, operations, marketing, communication, finance, audit, our headhunter cabinet is the essential specialist.

The recruitment of a director of real estate development , as well as the search for other executives or executives, must be done by professionals who are familiar with the specificities of the job and the real estate sector. Vauban Executive Search provides teams of effective and experienced recruiters and headhunters.

The benefits of hiring specialists

Entrusting a professional development manager to a professional is the simplest and most economical solution you can use if you want to find the right person for this job for your business. Indeed, since you will not have to design or implement the recruitment strategy, you will be able to spend more time on more productive activities. In addition, you discharge the receipt, study and sorting of applications and the reception of successful candidates for their preliminary interview.

You can choose between the conventional methods of a conventional Executive search and the methods that come out a little of the beaten track used by the head hunters. They can indeed be an alternative of choice in the case where the recruitment agency did not allow to have the expected results.

What does the director of real estate development do?

The recruitment of the Director of Real Estate Development is as tedious as it is time-consuming to carry out with care given the responsibilities of this framework.

He is indeed in charge of assembling real estate projects, whether new construction or a rehabilitation project. It is also responsible for carrying out feasibility studies, supervising all stages of the implementation of projects, within the limits of a well-defined budget and according to a pre-established schedule. In particular, it ensures compliance with the commitments made in the specifications, supervises the available staff, and allocates material resources in an optimal manner.

The Director of Real Estate Development is also in charge of the various administrative tasks related to the projects. He is the main contact for the company vis-à-vis partners, service providers, suppliers or customers.

Given the responsibilities associated with this position, it is clear that the recruitment of your director of real estate development is not to be done lightly. This is a particularly important step that should be given to an expert.

Vauban Executive Search, the recruitment specialist in the real estate sector

Vauban Executive Search is one of the leading Executive search in the field of real estate and construction. Thanks to their perfect control of the sector, our teams of consultants and our headhunters are qualified to look for the most suitable people for the job. We can help you define hiring requirements and select the most relevant profiles for recruiting your Real Estate Development Manager .

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