Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Appealing to a firm for the recruitment of real estate director

As intermediaries between the employer and the candidate, independent contractors are an attractive option to the recruitment problem. In fact, one in five hires is currently going through a subcontracting company. The latter is responsible for accompanying and advising clients in their quest for the perfect candidate. Conscious of the well-being of her business and facing the competition, she must demonstrate professionalism, perseverance and agility thus ensuring the success of each mission entrusted to her. In a key sector such as real estate and construction, the intervention of a Executive search will facilitate research for important and specific positions ( director , frames, etc.). The agency will assist its client in the various procedures (definition of the position to be filled, the choice of candidates, making contact …) and must have a perfect mastery of the field of activity in which it was engaged.

The job of real estate manager

Office equipment and materials are part of the company’s needs to be more efficient and to improve the working conditions of its employees. The real estate manager is involved in this role as the head of the premises management team and deals with transactions and contracts related to this sector. He may manage, search, buy and sell real estate to develop the activities of his company. This expert is responsible for practically everything from defining and developing strategic plans, execution, verification to monitoring.

In order to gain access to this position, you need at least a Bac + 5 in construction, architecture or trade. You must also have the skills (technical, legal and commercial) required and be endowed with a certain quality such as clairvoyance, sense of diplomacy, courtesy, tenacity and availability.

By these specificities, it is never easy for the company to come across the right person to perform this task. Nevertheless, she can rely on the competence of a Executive search to put all the chances on her side.

Vauban Executive Search, optimize your recruitment strategy

France is today affected by the shortage of professionals in the building trade. Indeed, the job offers in specific branches are more numerous than the requests and the applicants. At Vauban Executive Search , access services confirmed by several years of expertise in the real estate and construction sector. Our hiring agency has the know-how and a qualified team to find you rare pearls answering your quest of experts, executives, leaders … We also privilege the listening to identify the real needs of the clientele and to propose in return a solution tailored to its problematic.

For more information about our services, our team will remain at your disposal to advise you and assist you throughout the recruitment process .

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