Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

At which recruitment agency to entrust the search for real estate specialists?

Mastering the subtleties of recruiting staff of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search provides a quality intervention. Vauban Executive Search is an executive recruitment company in the real estate and construction sector. As an expert in the building sector, Vauban Executive Search finds the most qualified candidate for you. For all types of positions to be staffed in all areas: finance, operations, consulting, auditing, communication, marketing, human resources, our headhunter’s office is the specialist to whom you can turn.

Using a real estate brokerage is one of the simplest ways to simplify the management of your recruitment campaign, especially when it comes to finding executives and / or reliable executives. With Vauban Executive Search, you will benefit from the know-how of a team of experienced recruiting consultants.

The benefits of using a real estate specialist Executive search

For a real estate company , the use of a Executive search specializing in this specific sector is the simplest solution to find people who have the profile that corresponds exactly to that required for the executive positions to be filled in the job market. within your company. By entrusting the procedures to a specialized firm, you will have the skills of professional recruiters who have an excellent knowledge of the constraints and specificities of the real estate sector and who will choose for you the best candidates. In addition, you are relieved of the tedious tasks related to a recruitment operation.

If the results of the recruiting firm are not satisfactory enough, or if the procedure takes longer than expected, you can also use the expertise of a headhunter who will strive to find you quickly the people whose you need using methods that come out a little off the beaten track but that prove particularly effective while not remaining perfectly legal.

Why are companies struggling to recruit?

In recent years, as the unemployment rate seems to be rising, companies are struggling to find employees who meet their needs. Professionals attribute the cause of this difficulty to recruitment to the lack of suitable candidates for positions to be filled, especially for positions of responsibility. They also mention the location of jobs: it is not particularly easy to attract valuable candidates from agglomerations.

To overcome all these problems, companies have every interest in surrounding themselves with experts to take care of their recruitment projects. In the real estate sector , these Executive search are in great demand because finding leaders, experts or executives in this field is a real journey of combatants.

Vauban Executive Search, a safe building service engineer in the recruitment sector

Companies that do business with our real estate Executive search are certain to find candidates quickly and effectively in key positions within their institution. Our company has the best know-how to identify talent. For this, we make sure we are always aware of developments in the labor market. The real estate sector has no secret for our Executive search.

So, whether you’re looking for a manager, an executive or an expert in HR, operational or financial functions, we can help you through the use of effective recruitment techniques.

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