Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Headhunter agency for real estate

Vauban Executive Search is an executive recruitment company in the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search is a specialist in the recruitment of Real Estate and Building Staff, providing you with a quality intervention. This specialized headhunter selects the person you need. Whatever the typology of positions to be staffed in various trades: marketing, human resources, operations, audit, finance, techniques, communication, use our headhunter cabinet.

The use of a real estate specialist headhunter is the most appropriate solution for any business in this sector who wants to quickly find a person carved for a vacant or newly created executive position. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency that provides Executive search services to real estate, construction and construction companies.

Why use a headhunter?

The search for executives or executives for real estate is becoming less easy given the number of companies that have specialized in this field and who are also looking for competent people to ensure different positions within their structure . However, it turns out that currently, it seems that some sectors are facing what looks like a shortage of workers. When internal recruitment and the use of a conventional Executive search do not produce satisfactory results, it is then simpler to turn to the expert headhunters of real estate to quickly fill vacancies.

Although they use methods that are a little out of the ordinary for finding valuable candidates, you will not have to worry about the legality of their recruiting operations. It is nevertheless necessary to choose the agency to which you will address.

Vauban Executive Search, recruitment agency and headhunter

Vauban Executive Search has made recruitment, classic or direct approach, executive executives for real estate companies, construction and construction its core business. Many companies trust our firm to look for candidates with profiles that meet their requirements. Our team is committed to respecting the values ​​that have made our firm famous.

Our headhunters for real estate make it a point of honor to adopt a professional approach in the recruitment process. They work in the utmost discretion and in the respect of the deontology. Our staff has been trained to facilitate the dialogue between the candidates and the potential employer. Finally, we demonstrate loyalty and transparency to our customers.

The services and approach of Vauban Executive Search

Our team, comprised of experienced real estate consultants and headhunters, provides research, assessment and selection of candidates for a vacant position.

Our approach begins with a thorough study of the objectives and values ​​of the client company. The profile of the wanted candidate is then established, then, after validation of the future employer, made public. We then make a rough selection. Only candidates with the most interesting profiles will be able to interview the company. Their professional references will also be verified. To facilitate the integration of successful candidates, Vauban Executive Search accompanies them throughout the negotiations with the future employer.

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