Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Headhunter cabinet for construction, real estate and building

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for real estate professionals and construction. Thanks to its long experience of recruiting executives of Property Management and construction, Vauban Executive Search accompanies you throughout the campaign. As a specialist in the building sector, Vauban Executive Search finds confirmed employees for the companies. If you need valuable employees to expand your management team, in various trades: consulting, technical, human resources, operations, communication, marketing, audit, our Executive search puts at your service its know-how.

Applying to a firm headhunter specialized in construction you will facilitate the search for efficient and competent employees for your company Buildings and Public Works. Vauban Executive Search is an agency that has recruited the real estate, construction and construction sectors for its core business.

What does a headhunter cabinet do for construction?

A specialized headhunter cabinet is a recruitment agency that specializes in finding workers and executives for this specific sector. This is one of the last resort when all so-called “conventional” recruitment methods have failed.

A Executive search practice generally employs a system known as a “direct approach”. It’s about finding the ideal candidate for the job in a setting that may seem completely inappropriate. The effectiveness of the method will largely depend on the “flair” of the recruiter who can detect in a person the skills required for the job, even if the latter seems to have no qualifications for the position to be filled with a job. on the other hand, and its ability to convince the person of his abilities to take care of it on the other hand.

The success of using a headhunter cabinet will depend on the skills of the hiring consultants it employs. It is therefore advisable to choose carefully the agency to which you entrust your recruitment.

Engage employees in construction

The design or implementation of a complex construction project requires the skills of seasoned professionals. However, the recruitment of a senior executive or a senior expert in the field of construction can be a long and difficult process, especially if it is a project that is off the beaten path. The challenge is to identify the best profiles and encourage them to join their teams.

For the specific recruitment of an executive or a senior executive, calling on an expert headhunter cabinet in the field of construction and public works is useful and practical in order not to bear the costs and the organizational obligations of setting up a team internally. Thus, you can focus on the final selection of candidates, without wasting time in the preliminary selection stages.

Recruitment by Vauban Executive Search

Privileged partner of many stakeholders in construction, Vauban Executive Search is a head hunter recognized for its experience and professionalism. For any type of function (operational, financial, HR), we mobilized our skills and our network in search of the ideal candidate.

Our approach is essentially based on a thorough study of the client company and its environment in order to clearly define the desired profile. We then identify potential candidates through our contacts and tools: cvthèques, alumni directories, etc. As a rigorous and transparent Executive search, Vauban Executive Search ensures the veracity of the references of potential candidates. We also offer support to facilitate the transfer of the employee and its integration into your organization.

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