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Construction real estate recruitment

Despite the sluggish context of the job market, recruitment in the construction and construction trades remains paradoxically on an increasing level. Looking to recruit in these two sectors? Find out how to attract the best profiles with Vauban Executive Search .

Construction real estate recruitment with a specialized firm

Hiring firms advise and support the company throughout the recruitment process, from job analysis to integrating the successful candidate. Vauban Executive Search is a consulting and Executive search specializing in the Real Estate and Construction sector.

While a large majority of companies recruit their staff internally, others choose to use the services of specialized Executive search. They are indeed “specialists” because they have developed special expertise in well-defined sectors such as real estate and construction.

Le cabinet de recrutement intervient dès la définition du poste au niveau de l’entreprise. Cette étape préliminaire doit permettre d’analyser les besoins réels de l’entreprise, mais aussi de faire le profilage du candidat recherché. Vient ensuite l’étape de recherche des candidats où plusieurs canaux sont mis à contribution par le recruteur. Il y a bien sûr sa base de données qui recense une foule de CV hautement qualifiés, son réseau de professionnels ou encore les sites spécialisés.

Another so-called direct approach is to solicit employees who are already in the job and are not necessarily actively looking for work. This direct approach technique, framed by the law, has the advantage of filling the vacant position quickly. This is particularly true in the construction sector where the specialized workforce – machine operators, welders – is scarce.

Looking to recruit in the sector of real estate and construction? Vauban Executive Search accompanies you at every stage of your project.

Vauban Executive Search: hiring quality and time saving

The housing crisis has left serious consequences in the construction sector . Experienced workers, construction engineers, site technicians … The construction was abandoned by qualified professionals, who sought a means of reconversion. The real estate trades – commercial, logistic, technical – have not been spared either.

To ensure quality recruitment , Vauban Executive Search offers its services to help you find the best profiles. We are an expert accompaniment at each stage of the recruitment process, from the definition of the position to the integration of the successful candidate.

Once your needs have been analyzed, our consultants and search managers identify potential candidates using several channels: a direct approach via our network, the consultation of external CVs, the use of recent yearbooks. regrouping the coordinates and functions of former students of higher education. This essential step will enable HR to be directed towards a realistic and fair recruitment project for both the company and the candidate.

Why consult us ? Because we have a real know-how at the service of companies and our approach guarantees a tailor-made recruitment strategy. Contact us.

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