Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Executive Recruitment for Real Estate

Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency for executives in the real estate and construction sector. Expert in the recruitment of property management and construction staff, Vauban Executive Search supports you throughout the process. This specialized hunter finds the best profiles. If you are looking for high-level employees to lead your teams, in various sectors: technical, marketing, operations, auditing, consulting, human resources, finance, our executive search cabinet gives you the benefit of its mastery.

The recruitment of senior executive for the real estate industry requires the expertise of professionals who know the specific positions of responsibility in this area. With Vauban Executive Search, you will benefit from the expertise of efficient and experienced recruiters specializing in real estate, construction and construction.

Recruitment of senior executives for real estate, a delicate task

Each existing department in the company must have at its head a person capable of effectively managing a team of several others. However, finding the one who can perform this function effectively is not always easy. As a result, the recruitment of a senior executive for a real estate company is an operation that is likely to take on the appearance of an obstacle course, particularly if the position to be filled requires special skills. In the majority of cases, candidates will have to demonstrate a good knowledge of the financial, technical and administrative aspects of the real estate sector on the one hand, and have proven management skills.

Of course, it is possible to recruit internally to try to find the right person within the organization, but this solution rarely gives satisfactory results. The use of recruiting professionals such as a recruiting firm or a headhunter is often the most practical solution.

Use a executive search to recruit your executives in Real Estate

Les dirigeants ont pour mission d’encadrer des équipes et de veiller à l’atteinte des objectifs fixés par la politique de développement de l’entreprise. Une telle responsabilité exige des compétences poussées, mais surtout une grande expérience. Le poste de dirigeant s’adresse à un leader, capable de définir et de piloter une stratégie, mais aussi de superviser et de gérer les moyens mis à sa disposition.

It is not always easy to find all these qualities in the real estate sector. Moreover, given the responsibilities incumbent on this type of position, it is not wise to recruit an inexperienced or incompetent person. Only the use of a head hunter to recruit executives in the Real Estate sector can guarantee you quickly operational employees.

Vauban Executive Search: the Recruitment Specialist in the Real Estate and Construction Sector

The Vauban Executive Search Executive search has proven expertise in recruiting senior executives in the Real Estate and Construction sector. We have huge databases of potential candidates, we have access to various Cvthèques and directories of alumni of higher education, all to quickly identify the profiles corresponding to what you are looking for.

Starting from a study of the environment of your company in order to better define your expectations, your culture and your objectives, our approach includes all the stages of therecruitment of your leaders in the Real Estate until their taking of functions. We assist you in the definition of the position and profile of the candidate, and we take care of the selection and evaluations, the control of the professional references, and the integration of the chosen employee within your structure.

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