Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Executive Recruitment for a Real Estate Company

Thanks to its long experience in recruiting Real Estate Management and construction staff, Vauban Executive Search supports you throughout the process. Our job: the recruitment of professionals in the real estate and construction sector. As a building specialist, Vauban Executive Search identifies the company you are looking for. Whatever the typology of vacancies in various sectors: audit, communication, human resources, technical, operations, consulting, finance, our headhunter cabinet is the ideal provider.

Carry out recruitment senior manager for a company of real estate is an operation that is best left to the care of a specialist. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency that has made real estate, construction and construction sectors its area of ​​expertise and offers tailor-made services for executive or executive search.

The use of a recruitment agency, a practical solution

Designing and implementing an external recruitment strategy is not an easy task considering the many details that need to be considered on the one hand, and the time it will take to invest until we find person it takes for the job on the other hand. Unless you are sure to find a valuable candidate through internal recruitment, it is recommended that you assign all or part of the senior executive recruitment process to a professional. The latter should preferably be specialized in all that is special about this area.

By contacting a recruitment agency, you can focus on other, more productive activities, but most importantly, you will not have to endure the stress and stress of running a recruitment campaign. To speed up the search, or if the recruiting firm fails in its mission, you can also call on a hunter.

The senior executive in real estate, a rare profile

real estate executive position is a strategic function for the company. These experienced managers are essential resources to carry out operations that require great technical skills and a long experience of the trade and this specific field. On the other hand, in some cases, other characteristics will be required such as business skills or a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The recruitment of the right person in such a position is a key factor in the success of a company of Property and Construction.

Because of these specificities, it is particularly difficult to proceed with the recruitment of a manager in real estate . If the identification and selection of the ideal candidate requires a rigorous approach among professionals in the sector, attracting it to the company is much more difficult. The direct approach is often the most effective, but must be done in full compliance with certain conditions and constraints.

How to recruit your real estate manager

The recruitment process of a senior expert is not the same as for traditional human resources. In many cases, a good real estate executive is already working for a company in the industry. Having a wide and well-supplied professional network is therefore a considerable asset. In the same way, the discretion is de rigueur during the procedure with regard to the delicacy of the gait. Faced with this situation, the most effective option remains to entrust the operation to a specialized firm that has proven itself.

Among the headhunters, Vauban Executive Search is the most suitable for the recruitment of a real estate manager. We specialize in experienced executives and experts in the real estate and construction industry, we advocate a rigorous approach respectful of the values ​​of ethics and loyalty.

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