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Executive Recruitment for a Construction Company

Vauban Executive Search is an expert in the recruitment of real estate and building management executives, and accompanies you throughout the process. Our mission: the recruitment of executives in the real estate sector and construction. Vauban Executive Search identifies the best profiles for companies. If you are looking for high-level employees to expand your management team, in various fields: human resources, operations, audit, communication, consulting, marketing, technical, our headhunter cabinet gives you the benefit of its know-how. make.

The recruitment of senior manager for a construction company is a delicate operation that is best left to the care of a recruiting firm that really knows the area. Vauban Executive Search is a recruitment agency specializing in real estate, construction and construction that has effective and experienced recruiting consultants.

Executive Recruitment for Construction: A Complex Task

The issues involved in recruiting a senior executive for a construction company are important given the responsibilities that will accrue to the person to whom the position will return. Indeed, as a leader, the latter must have proven skills in the areas of organization, human resource management, implementation and control of construction projects, as well as solid knowledge. the applicable legal and legal system.

The specificities of the profile required to secure a senior executive position in a construction company make it quite difficult to find candidates who respond to it perfectly. On the other hand, it may be that people with the necessary skills are already working elsewhere. If the company can not recruit internally and choose a person who is already working for them and they think they can successfully fill the position, the use of a recruitment agency is the ideal solution. .

Why go to a firm for executive recruitment?

Entrusting the recruitment of your senior construction managers to a professional agency will save you time and cost control.

It will indeed take several steps (publication of ads, sorting of files, maintenance, verification of professional references, etc.) and know the effective techniques to target the right people. To carry out all this, the best is to be accompanied by a Executive search.

Applying to a Executive search helps to ensure the quality of potential candidates, the relevance of pre-selected profiles and a certain discretion throughout the research process. Vauban Executive Search is for example ideal for helping you in the recruitment of senior executives in the construction sector .

Entrust the recruitment of your senior managers to a specialist

Thanks to our experience and the wealth of our professional real estate network, we are able to find the right people for your business. Vauban Executive Search specializes in therecruitment of senior executives in the field of real estate and construction . Our team of headhunters and specialized consultants will detect for you the most consistent profiles taking into account your working environment.

Beyond research, we also support companies and candidates throughout the process of negotiating contracts and working conditions to optimize the integration of new employees.

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