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Which firm to approach for the recruitment of framework construction ?

Our job: recruitment in the real estate and building sector. Mastering the intricacies of hiring real estate management and construction staff, Vauban Executive Search develops a personalized campaign, from research to recruitment. As a building specialist, Vauban Executive Search selects companies for the candidate you need. Whatever the nature of the mission to be performed and the function, in various fields: technical, financial, consulting, human resources, operations, auditing, marketing, our headhunter cabinet puts at your disposal its know-how.

Choosing a firm for executive recruitment in the construction industry is essential to ensure the reliability of the people it will make available to you. At Vauban Executive Search, we have researched and hired executives and executives for real estate, construction and construction companies, our core business.

Recruitment of construction managers: an obstacle course

Without the help of a specialized firm, executive recruitment for a construction company can be particularly tedious. It will be even more so if the position to be filled requires specific skills. Indeed, the real estate, construction and construction sectors are currently among the fastest growing and hiring sectors. In the face of much higher demand for jobs, companies face what is known as a shortage of professionals since all those who can meet the profile are already often engaged elsewhere.

If internal recruitment methods do not work, the use of a recruitment agency is the simplest solution for external recruitment. In some cases, it may even be much more cost-effective to use a head hunter’s office, especially if you have used all conventional methods of recruitment.

Construction Manager Recruitment: a recognized firm at your service

According to a study by the Economy Watch, one of the reference sites in economics, the building is among the most dynamic sectors of the world. Statistics show that the construction industry alone accounts for more than 10% of global GDP and employs one in ten people in the labor force. While energy consumption in the building sector, another indicator that can be used to better understand the importance of this sector, accounts for nearly two fifths of global consumption.

In France, the horizon also begins to emerge on the real estate market in 2015, marked by an increase in transactions and a return of candidates to the acquisition. The various stimulus measures announced by the government, such as the Pinel tax exemption scheme or the new PTZ, are beginning to bear fruit. The increase in the number of housing starts, although timid, reflects the good health of this sector. We can guarantee that thousands of new jobs will be created in the coming years. Thus, for the actors planning to hire construction managers , do not hesitate to call on an experienced Executive search to find the rare pearl both qualified and in line with the desired profile.

Vauban Executive Search: experts at your disposal

Firm specializing in the recruitment of executives or high-level experts in the construction sector, Vauban Executive Search is for all those who plan to hire soon “white-collar” in the building sector, namely:

Justifying a strong expertise in the field, we have implemented a relevant approach that breaks down into 7 stages (study of the environment, definition of the position and profile of the candidate, identification of potential candidates, selection and evaluation of candidates, presentation and interviews by your company, control of professional references, negotiations and taking office) to guarantee the success of the mission entrusted to us. We also provide follow-up and support to the successful candidate to help him integrate easily and reduce the risk of premature departure costly for the employer.

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