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Recruitment of senior manager for the Construction : where to address?

Expert in the recruitment of property management and construction staff, Vauban Executive Search develops a perfectly targeted strategy, from the research phase to the hiring. Our mission is to recruit professionals from the real estate and construction sector. Vauban Executive Search finds the best companies on the market. Whatever the type of mission you wish to entrust to it and the position, in various fields: from operations and techniques to consultancy and audit, not to mention finance, human resources, marketing and communication, our consulting firm Headhunter is the ideal partner.

Ensuring the successful recruitment of a senior executive of your construction company requires first to find the right hiring strategy. The use of professional recruiters is then preferable. Vauban Executive SEarch is a recruitment agency whose consultants are specialists in the real estate, construction and construction sectors.

Executive Recruitment: to be done with care

A senior executive is a person whose responsibilities and duties require special skills in the area of ​​expertise of the company that employs him. He is generally in charge of the smooth running of the activities of an entire department or the smooth running of a project.

Carry out recruitment senior manager for a construction company will therefore not easy. Regardless of the duties and responsibilities assigned to it, the candidate must have strong skills in the field of buildings and public works. Depending on the position for which he is destined, he will have to have either a good knowledge of the administrative, legal, technical or financial aspects of the construction. Given the stakes, it is essential to proceed carefully with its selection. The use of the expertise of specialized recruiters for this sector is the most practical and economical solution that companies can turn to.

Entrust the recruitment of your construction manager to a specialist

A successful recruitment , particularly when it is a leader specializing in the field of construction , requires to engage important means. In addition, research takes a lot of time to find the right people from where the interest of not being mistaken. The experience of a recruitment agency will thus save time and ensure greater control of the costs allocated to research. In addition, the headhunters have a network and specific techniques to find the relevant formulas through a more effective targeting. It should also be noted that a specialist will be able to show a maximum of discretion to approach the candidates. Finally, a Executive search specializing in construction and real estate will have all the elements of reflection on the sector to sort even better people who are suitable for vacancies.

Entrust the recruitment of your construction manager to Vauban Executive Search

If you need to recruit a specialized construction manager , it is recommended to turn to a specialized firm rather than a general recruitment agency. Vauban Executive Search is one of the leading Executive search in the field of real estate and construction to help you select the most relevant files. Moreover, to find the best profile, our teams do not just analyze candidates’ career paths or their skills. For a successful and lasting collaboration, it is essential that the candidates share the same values ​​as the company and share the same vision. Finally, we must know that our expertise in the construction sector also allows us to assist you in administrative recruitment procedures until the signing of employment contracts without forgetting to assist you during negotiations.

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