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Who to entrust the recruitment of property manager?

Thanks to its expertise in the recruitment of real estate management and building staff, Vauban Executive Search implements a personalized strategy, from research to hiring. Our field of intervention is the recruitment of professionals of the sector of the real estate and the construction. Vauban Executive Search identifies for the best companies in this field. If you are looking for talented people to lead your teams, in various fields: from operations and techniques to consulting and auditing without forgetting marketing and communication, finance, human resources, our consulting firm head hunter makes you benefit from his know-how.

property manager recruitment entrusted to experts is likely to be a success as a professional will know how to design and implement the appropriate strategy. At Vauban Executive Search, you’ll benefit from the efficiency and team-building skills of seasoned recruiters who can turn into fearsome hunters when needed.

The benefits of using external recruiters

The recruitment of property managers carried out internally rarely gives the expected results on the one hand, and on the other hand, requires a considerable investment of time. By employing external recruitment specialists, the chances of finding good candidates are greater, the waste of time and stress avoided.

There are two options for external recruitment: the Executive search and the headhunter. Both can be very effective, but sometimes the first fails in its mission especially when the profile required for the position is too complex or when there are not enough applicants. It is in case of failure of the recruitment agency, or to optimize the chances of falling on the right person, that one uses the second. The latter is an expert to find skills where the recruitment agency would not have thought to look.

What are the missions of a property manager?

A property manager usually works on behalf of property owners and investors or for wealth management professionals. He is in charge of all administrative and legal matters and operations related to the management of real estate. Given the scope of responsibilities and skills required for this position, it would be imprudent to achieve the hiring of a property manager in a hurry. The use of the expertise of a professional firm is necessary.

Indeed, the property manager is the interface of dialogue and exchange between the lessors, namely the owners, the managers of buildings or the syndicate of co-ownership, and the tenants. It may also be required to collect rents, to carry out the necessary visits and checks on the spot to detect any problems or improvements to be made (maintenance of the building, operation of equipment, security, etc.). Finally, it is also an expert in financial investment advice to improve, on the one hand the comfort of tenants and, on the other hand, to maximize the value of the property.

Vauban Executive Search will find you a competent property manager

Vauban Executive Search is an agency that specializes in recruiting executives, executives and decision-makers on behalf of companies and professionals in the real estate and construction sectors. Our consultants, experienced headhunters, are able to proceed with the recruitment of your property manager in an ethical manner. Their ability to detect valuable candidates and their seriousness have already served many construction and property management companies. They will only submit candidates who meet the needs of the vacant positions.

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