Executive Search in Finance and Real Estate

Who to entrust with the recruitment of a family office?

Mastering the subtleties of recruiting executives of Property Management and Construction, Vauban Executive Search accompanies you throughout the process. Vauban Executive Search is an executive recruitment agency for real estate and construction. This specialized head hunter finds confirmed collaborators. Whatever the nature of the mission to be accomplished and the function, in all sectors: consulting, finance, audit, communication, operations, human resources, marketing, our head hunter’s practice makes you benefit from its know-how.

The recruitment of a family office will not be easy without the help of an expert. Specialized for several years in the recruitment of various executives for the sectors of real estate, construction and construction, Vauban Executive Search is an ally of size for this type of delicate project.

Why hire a specialized Executive search?

Proceed to the recruitment of a family office internally is likely to be a lengthy process that will not give satisfactory results. Indeed, it is rare to find within the company a person who will be able to take charge of a position as delicate given the skills and specific know-how it takes to do so. The use of professional recruiters is therefore automatically required for this type of project.

In addition, by appealing to the expertise of a recruitment agency, you put the odds on your side to find the right person for this job. You will not have to deal with the time-consuming and tedious tasks of managing a recruitment campaign since the firm can take care of everything while you work on more productive work. You can also talk to head hunters to speed up searches.

What is a family office for?

The family office is a specialist in wealth management that wealthy people often use to optimize the administration of their property, whether real estate, finance or their various investments.

Given the complexity of the responsibilities involved in managing a large family size, hiring a family office is the best option. This professional provides a large number of services and is responsible for coordinating the management of your family’s assets. He will be the only intermediary between you and the various trades that participate in the administration of your heritage.

For the recruitment of a reliable, efficient and especially discreet family office, Vauban Executive Search is at your disposal.

Vauban Executive Search recruitment procedures

Our family office recruitment service is for individuals who have an important heritage and want to download the management of it. Our hiring technique is according to your requirements.

The family office recruitment starts including assessment of your needs. We then determine together the profile of the candidate. Once this is done, we begin the search and identification of valuable candidates, by consulting external cvthèques or by direct approach. After selecting the most relevant applications, we conduct the interviews and then a skills assessment. The selected profiles will be presented to you for validation.

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